CONNECT Reporting & Analytics


We know that having the ability to build powerful reports and configure dashboards to show the most-detailed information in an easy-to-understand way is crucial to your business travel program’s performance.

Our comprehensive suite offers on-demand reporting and detailed overviews of your travel activity, reservations and financial expenditure alongside the ability to choose from a wide range of data feeds and customisable scorecards.

Reports can be embedded along with dashboards on internal websites or intranets and all information can be consolidated across multiple markets to improve the visibility of your business travel program.

Our safe and secure platform is fully-scalable and it can include historical data and full travel and expense spend.


We strive to give you the tools to make more informed and effective decisions about your business travel program.

It gathers and stores both reservation, booking and financial data so you can gain full visibility over and set KIPs for the key areas of your business travel spend.

Our Analytics system can even connect to external travel, non-travel and expense data to empower you to make the right choices based on real intelligence. It can easily consolidate multinational data to see what’s happening across all of your markets to better manage your relationships with airlines, hotels and other suppliers.

The data we provide you with will facilitate business travel program change and improvement, allow you to view traveller and booker behaviour, evaluate supplier contract performance and give you the insight to improve your compliance.

Turn your data into actionable insights with AI Powered Reporting

Our advanced reporting feature, available to mutli-national clients, is designed to unlock the power of your travel data. Acting as a search engine, AI Powered Reporting enables you to generate custom reports giving you full visibility into your travel program.

Benchmarking module

Our exclusive benchmarking capabilities provide insights into valuable comparison data allowing decision makers to be more strategic about their travel spend.

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Budget Module


Budgeting module

Gain optimal visibility of your travel spend and greater control travel expenditure to meet their overarching business needs.

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Incidentals module

Gain valuable insights into your incidental spend and activity.

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