Managing technology changes with your TMC

Managing Technology Changes

In this technological age when it comes to booking travel, we’re spoilt for choice. There are so many websites, tools and apps out there, however some are better than others and often using a multitude of different tools is just as stressful as using none at all!

That’s why travel management companies (TMCs) are so valuable – they are a unique blend of highly skilled employees and innovative customer-focused technology, and they have the expertise to maximise your organisation’s business travel strategies. But if you’re looking to update the technology you’re using, either with a prospective or current TMC, how is it best managed?

What makes a good technology implementation?

If your organisation is considering the introduction of new technologies, your end goal should essentially be to implement a sustainable strategy in terms of a smooth adoption by everyone involved. In order to implement effective ‘change management’, consider:

  • Adopting a ‘pull’ rather than ‘push’ strategy where the momentum is created by the interest and possible demand for change. This will kick start the conditions for quicker and more successful outcomes.  Why? Work and individual identity are very closely related so if you begin with a ‘push’ strategy, the premise is that someone’s work needs to change because of a deficit in the past and will often result in negativity in terms of adoption.
  • Involving a diverse range of stakeholders at the earliest possible stage of development, including those that will use the systems and processes as part of their daily roles. People support what they help create and if they are involved in the decision making process, they are more likely to view it as a project they’ve helped to implement and want to use it.
  • Aiming for commitment rather than just compliance. Including staff in all parts of a technology adoption process will lead to better outcomes and employee satisfaction and engagement. Consider the types of technologies you are implementing and talk to the people who know these best. This can include talking to staff who travel regarding app adoption, travel bookers for online booking tool activation and your finance team for reporting software implementation.

What factors do I need to consider?

Travel technology is developing at a rapid pace and in order to streamline travel processes, it’s also important to understand some of the current trends in the travel sector (and how FCM can help!) These include:

  • Rising costs – business growth and expansion comes hand in hand with travel, and with that comes an increase in travel costs. FCM’s Connected Booker allows you to manage traveller profiles, reconcile expenses and find the best-value fares and rates that are within policy.
  • Smart technology – travellers not only want technology that’s easy to use and personalised to their preferences, they are increasingly adopting smart technologies like travel apps. FCM’s Connected Traveller allows you to easily plan and book trips, manage approval, make expense claims and be advised of delays, changes and travel alerts.
  • Data and analytics - businesses capture more data than ever, but unlocking that value can be challenging. FCM’s Connected Manager provides you with complete visibility by giving you access to a top-level overview of your business travel program. This allows you to run analytics, create insightful reports and check or amend budgets, priorities and policies.

FCM Travel Solutions’ travel technology suite FCM Connect will make your business travel management simpler, faster and more efficient

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