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The airline industry is complex, meaning many organisations are unclear
about whether they have the best airfares or optimal coverage.
FCM Consulting has a proven framework using intelligence, technology,
decades of experience, the right contacts and innovative solutions to
optimise your air travel strategy and maximise contract performance. 


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Air Programme Management statistics | FCM Consulting

Our team of expert consultants guide you through those market conditions, identifying challenges and opportunities, and getting into the full picture of your air travel program. As well as cost savings, FCM Consulting will give advice on market trends such as sustainability and traveller wellness, continuously finding solutions to maximise your air contract potential now and in the future. 

“The complexity of the airline industry presents challenges, in what is a sellers’ market. Market conditions vary across countries, making negotiations different from the USA to China. And when you start to delve into the numerous airline distribution strategies out there, it’s even more confusing.”

Florian Mueller, Global Aviation Practice Lead at FCM Consulting.

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Air programme diagnostic | Air Programme Management

Air program diagnostic

Our business consultants will conduct an air category diagnostic to identify opportunities, risks and a roadmap to implement changes. Customised reporting complemented by fair market share data will demonstrate a clear plan forward with specific recommendations to your needs, from cost control, traveller requirements, coverage and best-fit suppliers. For ultimate success and relevance, FCM Consulting will also consult on global trends such as carbon emissions, wellbeing initiatives to optimise your travel program and provide actionable next steps. 

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Analyse your airfares and opportunities | Air Programme Management

Analyse your airfares and opportunities

Using tools and data, FCM Consulting will analyse your airfare pricing and discounting compared to market trend data. Global reporting complements the team’s insights, providing your team with visibility on saving opportunities per contract, market, city pair and more, and can be applied to on-going program management. Our business consultants will provide solutions that are not just about the best value but also consider what is most available, airline capacity, ancillaries and more. 

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Maximise your air RFP | Air Programme Management

Maximise your air RFP

FCM Consulting manages your entire air RFP, from data consolidation and establishing a baseline to RFP administration and management. Our business consultants will ensure you get the right mix of suppliers and drive program performance throughout the entire contract term, meaning better compliance, returns and visibility. Expect strategic, smarter air travel procurement with enhanced service delivery and intelligent data-driven insights.

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Optimise your air travel policy | Air Programme Management

Optimise your air travel policy

If it is time to refresh travel allowances globally or your program compliance needs to be improved, FCM Consulting can evaluate your current policy, benchmark it and scenario-model possible changes to assess the financial impact and optimal outcomes. Our business consultants will check for alignment between the policy, booking process and your supplier contracts, then recommend ways to change the policy, OBT or supplier contracts. 

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Manage airline contracts with ACiQ | Air Programme Management

Manage airline contracts with ACiQ

FCM Consulting’s powerful proprietary tool ACiQ provides full transparency to your airline contract performance, using travel data combined with contract data. Additionally, our innovative technology identifies gaps and how to close them, so you know exactly what you need to do to reach those performance targets. You’ll have access to live reporting which will update automatically as spend changes, instead of waiting for a document each month or quarter. 

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“I would definitely recommend FCM Consulting to manage this process again.”

National Procurement Manager

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FCM Consulting Global Quarterly Trend Report

FCM Consulting Quarterly Trends Report

Anyone in business travel procurement needs to know the latest travel supply chain trends and pricing forecasts. Learn what trends could affect traveller satisfaction and your costs in the future in the FCM Consulting Trends Report, released every quarter. 


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Customer Success Stories

Flying high with 20 percent savings case study | Air Programme Management

Flying high with 20% savings

A global pharmaceutical company had a mature air program, spending more than AU$25m across more than a dozen countries. FCM Consulting suggested air sourcing and a creative solution to the company's cost-cutting goal, resulting in a 20% reduction in expenses.

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