Strategic Meetings

strategic meetings management

Strategic Meetings Management

Strategic meetings management? Not really about the meeting themselves.

A disciplined, data-driven approach to co-ordinating event cost control and event management compliance. Align meeting and event processes with your strategic objectives and protocols, including those brought on by the global pandemic.

The end result? Measurable results, quantitative savings and risk mitigation.

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exceeds expectations

Exceed expectations

You keep the reins on events. We’ll direct you with data-driven strategy recommendations to take the best route for your events program. If you need direction on COVID-safe best practices and the safety of employees and guests, we’ve got them.

Set the tone before your next event with clear goals and outcomes. Develop and share across your business and event management agency to ensure maximum engagement and shared mutual goals.

All your event information is held in a centralised database to improve event management control, efficiency and productivity.

Why strategic meetings management works

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Cost Efficiency

Harness data from the dashboard to get smarter cost control. You can check your expenditure against your budget and objectives across all parameters.
risk mitigation

Risk Mitigation

Drive compliance and respect business relationships. With contract negotiations and accounts in one place, it is easier to review and establish internal guidelines.
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Powerful analytics and reporting engines that measure success and provide direction for the future

Stay in control of your meetings and events.

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