Back on track: 3 benefits of train travel

1. Work on the go

Picture this: you're on a train, cruising through dynamic landscapes, your laptop open in front of you. You're sipping on a coffee and typing away, with more legroom than you'd have on a plane, no restrictive seat belt, and without the fear of turbulence spilling your drink. Meanwhile, your co-workers are seated nearby, also typing away or bouncing ideas off of each other. Sure, the ride may take a bit longer to get to your destination, but now you get to optimise every moment of your train journey. And if you want to stretch your legs at any time, you can go right ahead.

Unlike other forms of transportation, the train is a great place to get work done en route. It offers a smoother ride than a car, where you’d have to focus on the road, and a plane, where the cramped tray tables make responding to emails a nightmare. Plus, free Wi-Fi and onboard charging stations mean you can stay connected and productive throughout your work journey. Not every airline can offer that.

And if you’re travelling as a team, rail travel makes it easier to interact and work together. That means less time coordinating logistics and more time prepping for that big presentation.

2. Low-stress meets accessibility

Let’s face it: Airports and check-in lines are a hassle at best. And who wants to go through that headache just for a two-hour flight?

Taking the train is as easy as buying a ticket and hopping on board. No complicated check-in process required. And unlike flights, trains usually arrive and depart on time, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected delays that leave you scrambling to recalibrate your plans. Just keep in mind this means you’ll have to be on time every time. Otherwise, you might get stuck at the station.

And the best part about travelling by rail? Almost anyone can.

Trains offer a more accessible travel option for employees who experience flight anxiety or other accessibility challenges that make other forms of transportation difficult. For example, pregnant people can't fly during the third trimester. And when it comes to short-distance travel, some employees may have disabilities that prevent them from getting a driver's licence or using ride-sharing services. Accessible Ubers aren’t available everywhere!

By offering train travel, you’re putting employees’ needs first and showing your travel programme’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I).

3. Direct shot to your destination

Not every location has an airport – especially not smaller cities and towns. So, if you have an event that’s anywhere but in a big city, you’ll have to spend additional time and money travelling from the airport to your hotel (and back). And that’s assuming you don’t also have to go through the hassle of layovers and connecting flights.

But when you travel by train, you’re typically on a direct route to your destination. Trains can be found pretty much everywhere and do run through small cities and towns. This means you’ll get much closer to where you need to be without an extra hour in a taxi – at the mercy of the traffic! It’s a one and done deal.

And when it comes to international travel, combining a plane with a train can help travellers avoid the stress of renting a car overseas… and subsequently needing to learn the rules of the road in a new country. Your travellers can just sit back, relax, and let the train take them exactly where they need to be!

Trains before planes

While taking the train may not always be the swiftest option, it is certainly one of the eco-friendly. Riding the rails can be a great way to reduce your Co2 emission footprint while also enjoying a stress-free and productive travel experience.

And if you're looking to make sustainable travel a priority for your organisation, FCM Travel is here to help. Our team of experts can work with you to develop a travel programme that not only meets your sustainability goals but also meets the needs of your employees and your business.


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