On the move with FCM Travel ANZ: Highlights from May's events

May has been a jam-packed month for our team at FCM Travel in Australia and New Zealand, as we hit the road for a series of exciting events across Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. These events weren't just about showing up, though. They were about connecting with our customers, exchanging industry insights, and discovering new ways to deliver better service. So, buckle up as we take you through our eventful May and share some key highlights.



Customer Advisory Group (CAG)

Our annual, multi-day Customer Advisory Group event at The Oval Hotel in Adelaide was nothing short of extraordinary. Over three days, we brought together our top customers in Australia for a blend of collaboration, innovation, and plenty of fun. The energy was electric as we shared insights and engaged in spirited discussions. 

Each day was packed with dynamic workshops and vibrant idea-sharing sessions. Our forward-thinking partners were instrumental in shaping these conversations, highlighting our community's collective strength and dedication to driving the future of corporate travel. 

A special thank you to our sponsors, Serko Ltd., Sabre Corporation, and EVT - Entertainment | Ventures | Travel, for making this event unforgettable. Your partnership is instrumental in our journey towards discovering innovative solutions and enhancing our services. 

The Customer Advisory Group event is a highlight on our calendar, and this year exceeded all expectations! It’s inspiring to be in a room full of customers and business leaders who have so many valuable insights to share. Collaborating with such innovative partners fuels our drive, and we're really looking forward to building on the momentum generated from this event.

- Renos Rolgas, General Manager ANZ , FCM Travel 


ProcureCon AU

Did you catch us at ProcureCon Australia? We were front and centre, bubbling with excitement, ready to chat about FCM's alternative approach to business travel. 

Our team joined over 100 procurement professionals from Australia and New Zealand, diving into hot topics like the digital evolution hype, the macroeconomic landscape, and supply chain resilience. We engaged in roundtable discussions about getting ahead of the game, risk mitigation, diversity and inclusion, and finished with networking. With incredibly talented keynote speakers from across the industry, this two-day event reinforced just how turbulent our customers' world can be. And how having suppliers with aligned values who act as true partners can future-proof long-term success. 

It’s about more than just networking opportunities and information providing. ProcureCon is a chance for us to connect with customers and industry professionals to learn about their experiences and find new ways to better our services to help them overcome the barriers they face every day.

- Jamison Warren, Director Global Sales & Strategic University Partnerships FCM Travel 



Melbourne, Australia

Our Th!nk series landed in Melbourne, uniting travel managers and procurement professionals under one roof for an afternoon of insightful and informative discussions. We delved into the latest trends from our Global Quarterly Travel Trends Report Q1-2024 and explored the good, and the bad of artificial intelligence (AI). 

Our hottest topic? Surprisingly, it was, payments and expense reconciliation by Cathy Sorrenti, Regional Product Manager, Flight Centre Travel Group. This topic stole the spotlight and sparked lively conversations that stuck around long after the event ended. Th!nk is all about fostering collaboration and sharing expertise, and we couldn't be more thrilled to be back in person exchanging global insights locally. 

What great insights, FCM! So many interesting options in expense reconciliation at the moment – can’t wait for the digi wallet.  

- Th!nk Melbourne attendee

Th!nk is a great opportunity to get in front of people on the other side of our products and services. It was great to have customers and FCM SMEs come together to discuss the future of corporate travel and how we can all stay ahead in a rapidly changing industry.

Brendan Seiler, Head of Operations Australia, FCM Travel 



Sydney, Australia

Th!nk crossed the border to Sydney, assembling a powerhouse of industry professionals for thought-provoking conversations. Head of FCM Consulting, Felicity Burke, shared all the best bits from our latest Q1 Global Travel Trends Report and Flight Centre Travel Group's Chief Technology Officer, Jonathan Clark, joined us to discuss artificial intelligence (AI) and how it can support travel managers to better customer experience. 

The star of the day was undoubtedly the sustainability panel. A curated group of industry experts was in the hot seat, tackling questions about improving sustainability practices across the board. They shared our parent company, Flight Centre Travel Group's homegrown initiatives and outlined strategies for achieving net zero with suppliers. They also provided direction around the complexities of new legislation, leaving all attendees with invaluable takeaways. Th!nk Sydney was an incredible opportunity to engage with our customers, share knowledge and drive game-changing travel management solutions. 

Th!nk Sydney was such an engaging and informative afternoon. The discussions were honest and practical.

- Th!nk Sydney attendee

A massive thank you to everyone who brought the energy, insights, and passion to these recent events. For those who missed out, we looked forward to seeing you at the next event. 

These events were super interesting, particularly on topics like risk mitigation, supply chain resilience and the ever-changing world of AI. It's clear our customers face many challenges, and we're committed to being a supportive partner through it all.

Kimberley Saddington, Head of Marketing ANZ, FCM Travel 

Keen to be in the know? Check out Th!nk to continue the conversation and let’s drive the future of travel management together.