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Make better decisions in less time

The FCM Extension is an easy-to-use browser plugin that provides travellers with enhanced decision-making support, and you with peace of mind.

Out-of-policy bookings cost money, time, and at worst, put travelling employees at risk. You need to make sure your business travel goes as smoothly as possible, so a travel policy compliance tool that checks all the boxes is a must-have… and the FCM Extension is here to rise to the occasion. 

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Three ways the FCM Extension keeps you a step ahead


Proactive guidance

Empower your travellers with pre- and point-of-booking notifications, keeping them informed.  

  • Alert travellers to unused tickets, vouchers, and credits to protect your bottom line 
  • Sustainability notifications from Thrust Carbon serve up greener trip options 
  • Remind travellers of company travel policy, and redirect them back to your online booking channel  

Intuitive duty of care 

We know safety is your first priority. It’s ours too, and the FCM Extension is your ally when it comes to duty of care.  

  • Push out safety alerts due to location, weather, political unrest, and more 
  • Send out customised safety notifications specific to your company’s policy 
  • Access the most-up-to-date safety notifications via our top risk provider integrations 

Consistent & omnipresent 

We’re always there to provide travellers with timely, pertinent information.  

  • Our Extension operates on over 2,000 websites, with notifications tailored to your travel program, aimed at changing booking behaviour 
  • Install it on your browser once, and it will be there for every session! 
  • Agile implementation allows for streamlined deployment to your Chrome & Edge browsers 
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Ready to tackle those travel policy compliance issues?


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Go green, and never look back

The FCM Extension backs up your travel program’s sustainability measures. Firstly, by focusing on awareness, and then on changing behaviours, ultimately making sustainable corporate travel choices second nature. The FCM Extension can display to your travellers: 

Carbon footprint alerts

Nothing is more humbling than seeing that your business trip’s carbon output is equivalent to flying to the Moon. Real-life examples put sustainability into perspective.

Policy initiative reminders

Explain to travellers why you’re taking sustainable steps. Alerts that appear during the booking process make the updates feel natural and contextual.

Planet-friendly trip options

Tell travellers that their trip choices are unsustainable and offer better alternatives. The Extension can serve up air and hotel options that are more eco-friendly.
Case Study: How Discovery Inc. embraced FCM Extension

Case Study: How Discovery Inc. embraced FCM Extension 

Through a collaborative process, FCM Extension transformed from a tool focused on reducing travel leakage, to an innovative communication tool that enhanced safety messaging and tracked unused tickets. 

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Corporate travel compliance

Corporate travel compliance is even better with strong communication.  

Here's our cheat sheet for how Extension can be your comms sidekick 

  • Send out push notifications instantly at the click of your mouse 
  • The admin dashboard in the FCM Extension lets you create bespoke messaging with GIFs, external links, and custom text 
  • Less is more - gone are the days of sending novel-length emails 
  • Spread awareness and knowledge about policy updates and global travel news right to your travellers 

This is compliance support like you’ve never seen it before.
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