What to get out of an account management review

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“Insight is information beyond the obvious”

We loved hearing this from Jo Lloyd, Global Head of Account Management and Consulting at a recent event. It applies to so many areas of travel management, but none more so than the role of the account manager.

Do you have an account management review coming up? It’s the perfect opportunity to squeeze some insights out of your account manager and make sense of all the data you have. Here’s what you should look to get out of your next review.

Treat your account manager like your GP

Jo regularly compares account managers to your GP doctor. They are an essential resource that keeps a health check on your travel program and brings value through market knowledge, strategic thinking, project management skills and more. So if you’re visiting your GP about a particular problem, go to your account manager with your business travel challenges. “Account managers should have the confidence to ask the right questions at the right time to make sure that the team become an integral part to the success of your program,” says Jo.

Clear focus

Each review should always be focused on your business. Celebrating the achievements, identifying risks, exploring solutions and looking at upcoming focuses and plans. It should tell you that insight from the data you have, and benchmark how your travel program is performing against the market and peers. 

Confidence and priorities

A review is a good time to sit back and truly prioritise. You should come out of an account management review knowing what is impacting your travel program, what might affect your program and what to do next.

Your plan of action might take into account various challenges including:

  • Anticipated air and hotel price increases.
  • Heightened company focus on sustainability goals.
  • Travel changes brought on by major events such as Brexit, political elections or emergencies.
  • Traveller sentiment and communicating with the workforce.

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