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When it comes to sustainability, New Zealand companies - now more than ever are looking at ways to reduce their travel program's carbon footprint, and with FCM’s unique online booking tool, Savi, you can.

This savvy tool uses verified carbon calculation technology to help businesses to reduce and then offset carbon emissions for online and offline bookings.

Travel is getting more complicated but FCM’s continued efforts to make carbon calculating and offsetting technology available makes achieving your sustainability objectives easier. One carbon offset represents one metric tonne of greenhouse gas emissions reduced or removed from the atmosphere, and how this can be done varies through your chosen contribution to projects, such as planting forests or replacing a fossil-fuel-burning power plant with a wind farm to prevent emissions from reaching the atmosphere.


FCM’s Savi sustainability features can apply carbon offsetting to flights, prioritise electric battery and hybrid vehicle car rentals, and calculate the emissions for each flight offered by a carrier. Through Savi you can see the CO2 equivalent (CO2e) emissions and corresponding offset for different options at the time of booking. Your company can then report on and offset the emissions of your travellers, with your contribution going towards your preferred verified carbon offset project. These projects are located around the world and can help towards mitigating climate change, protecting wildlife, and nourishing communities.

FCM customers can also offset back into local New Zealand projects, so they can make a difference close to home.

FCM Savi

Savi offers customers two options to encourage more sustainable travel

Savi’s unique sustainability features allow customers to compensate for some of their travel impacts through:

  • Sustainable Choices, which shows you the greenhouse gas emissions of flights while booking and prioritises hybrid and electric battery rental car options. This helps you to make more sustainable choices at the point of booking and reduce emissions. 
  • Integrated Carbon Offset Program, which calculates the CO2e emissions of your business travel program and directs funds to impactful environmental projects aligned with your preferences.

FCM’s integrated carbon offsetting program in Savi allows you the choice of supporting a range of accredited offsetting projects through our partners, locally and globally, to align with your values and goals.

Local offsetting partner projects across New Zealand can include a combination of initiatives such as establishing forests to capture and store carbon. Establishing forests also helps protect existing areas of vegetation and creates green corridors, allowing animals to move across the landscape.

Working with landholders during these projects has also introduced a diversified income stream for landholders, enabling their properties to generate income from protecting the carbon stored within the trees.

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Savi’s Global Reach

Savi’s smart features in sustainability, which also transmits globally across all airlines, can measure emissions for customers while offsetting their entire travel program through our partners - not just your flights. This will support your company’s path towards a more sustainable future for travel.

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