Corporate Social Responsibility

The world is our workplace so at FCM we care about making it a better place. That is why as a multinational travel management company our Corporate Social Responsibility focuses on the global environment; this includes its wildlife, its people, their cultures and their economies.

We strive to ensure an equal sharing of the benefits and burdens of tourism and achieve this through a range of projects and initiatives concentrated on four clear areas: People, Responsible Travel, Community and the Environment.

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The Flight Centre Foundation

Through the collective efforts of our people, industry partners and customers, the Flight Centre Foundation gives back to the communities where we work, live and travel. It is not simply about financial support; it is about volunteering our talent and time.

In Soweto, South Africa, we have supported the rebuilding and repair of a school with employees from the UK flying out to pick up tools and help. We have also provided solar energy packs to areas without the electricity to generate light and across the globe at a local level, our people are continually raising money for projects and charities in their own communities. When natural disasters or emergencies occur, if we can, we will also help with one-off appeals.

Responsible Travel

As a global travel management company, we place a huge emphasis on how the travel miles of our own people impacts on the environment. It is something we take extremely seriously and is why we offset all of the carbon emissions of staff travel. FCM’s cost per tonne to offset is £2.50, which we believe to be the lowest offset rate in the market.

The specially-developed FCM Carbon Footprint Calculator takes reporting to a whole new level of accuracy, not focusing on averages but on specific routes and airlines and it accounts for all major GHG (CO2, N2O, CH4) and radiative forcing. This information is also available to FCM clients and thanks to our links with environmental groups, we can provide them with option to offset emissions related to their business travel services.

In addition, we are a contributing member of the U.N. Global Compact, a United Nations initiative to encourage businesses worldwide to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies and to report on their implementation. It is focused on Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Corruption.

People and Welfare  

We are fully committed to our people and their welfare and well-being. We are proud to support Gender Diversity and Equal Opportunity among our workforce and believe as a global player in the travel industry, we should have a representation of senior female executives and Board members more reflective of the gender balance (72% female) across our multinational travel management company.

We are committed to investing back into people from a corporate level and internal mobility is an important part of this work. Our Brightness of Future initiative ensures there is a roadmap to progression for all our employees, with equal privileges and rights central to the way we operate. Our Healthwise program for all of our people is crucial to keeping them healthy, both in mind and body.

Environment and Wildlife

FCM’s Sustainable Futures plays an active role in protecting local natural resources, with activities including supporting tourism that promotes environmental awareness and tree planting, alongside conserving, protecting and respecting the environment and its wildlife. This includes taking steps to understand and prevent animal cruelty from being a part of tourism.

Each office across our global travel management company has its own ongoing initiatives, which could include working to reduce our people’s energy consumption through energy-efficient and sensor lighting, making appliances energy-efficient and encouraging them to be switched off as well as minimising after hours air-conditioning. We also take significant steps to reduce waste and only print when necessary, use double-sided copying, have accessible recycling bins and donate old computers and mobile phones to charities for re-use.


FCM is a multi-award-winning global travel management company. We have been recognised globally as the World's Leading Travel Management Company at the World Travel Awards for five years in a row and as one of the best business travel companies, FCM has also won dozens of other awards as a global and regional brand.


FCM is recognised as a top, award-winning global travel management company, part of the Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG). FCTG is publicly-listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and while its roots are in leisure travel, FCM now delivers business travel expertise in over 95 markets around the world, bringing you a consistent and unique experience that makes up our DNA.

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