Team FCM Career Journeys

At FCM, every team member is encouraged to develop their career and explore all the opportunities available to them. We call it Brightness of Future. It's an exciting part of working here; there really is no limits to any pathway you want to take. Your career could take you to places you never thought of.
Here's some of the Brightness of Future journeys taken by some of our people.

Rane Yan

Rane Yan

Current Role: Data Protection Officer

Joined FCM: 2012

Favourite travel destination: Taipei

Work highlight: Building up a team from loss-making to highly profitable

Rane joined FCM as a Travel Consultant in 2012 and rose the ranks to become a team lead in 2017. He turned what was a loss-making team into a highly profitable, effective, and enjoyable team, even winning back key clients.

After 3 years as a team leader and seeking a new direction, Rane decided to join our project management team. There, he was focused on key projects, including implementing PDPA and Trustmark compliance. And he earned a place at Global Gathering in 2019! Rane then used the new skills he’d learned on these projects to become FCM Asia’s Data Protection Officer in 2022, ensuring that personal data is consistently and securely managed within the company.

Now married and continuing to learn at Singapore Management University, Rane continues on his path. The thing Rane loves about the company the most is the culture: “The people here work very hard and play very hard too. They also encourage staff to determine their goals and provide the opportunity and guidance to move on. The management and people are delightful to work with; whenever you need help, someone is always there to support you.”

Caitlin Lee

Caitlyn Lee

Current Role: Head of Customer Onboarding

Joined FCM: 2017

Favourite travel destination: Florence

Work highlight: Every time a client’s grateful for the work I’ve done

Caitlin joined FCM in 2017 as a local account manager and was quickly promoted to Multi-National Account Manager overseeing some of our largest international clients. As a newcomer into the travel industry, Caitlin valued the support of leadership to answer all her questions and develop her knowledge in her first years at the company. “You can’t find anywhere else where the people are more supportive than in FCM,” she says.

After several years of learning about our clients’ complex technology requirements, Caitlin moved into our onboarding team in 2020. Here, she began building technology solutions for clients across the Asia region. In 2022, she was promoted to head of the department, leading the implementation of FCM Platform across some of Asia’s largest companies including Anglo-Dutch Shell and Proctor and Gamble.

Choon Seng Ng

Choon Seng Ng

Current Role: Head of Commercial and Customer Success Japan

Joined FCM: 2016

Favourite travel destination: South Africa

Work highlight: Moving to Japan to take on a new role

Choon Seng (CS to his friends) joined FCM in 2016 as a local account manager, and impressed so much that he qualified for our Global Gathering conference in his first year at the company. He was quickly promoted to the role of Global Account Manager where he learned to work with complex global networks, and achieved a 100% client retention record in 2019.

Seeking a new challenge, CS was given the opportunity to run FCM’s network of franchise partners across 11 countries including Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan and The Philippines. He was able to do so remotely from Switzerland throughout the pandemic, living with his wife. Having used this time to gain a greater understanding of foreign markets, CS moved back to Singapore to prepare for his newly-promoted role as Head of Commercial and Customer Success Japan. Months later he moved to Tokyo, where he has since helped launch FCM Japan to the market and onboard some of our largest global clients there.

CS says, “The great thing about working at FCM is that you face new and exciting challenges every day. Over the years I have had the chance to work with some of our biggest clients, run a network of very different national operations and launch FCM into a new market. I don’t know anywhere else I would have gotten those opportunities.”

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Nathalie Chan

Nathalie Chang

Current Role: Head of Operations Asia

Joined FCM: 2010

Favourite travel destination: Santa Monica, Los Angeles

Work highlight: Recruiting over 100 staff in the post-pandemic return to travel

Nat initially worked in the leisure side of Flight Centre as a Travel Consultant in one of the shops, working up through the ranks before switching to FCM in 2017. She attended her first Global Gathering in 2013 in Cancun, the year she also got married.

Having worked as a consultant for 8 years and grown her family with 2 boys, Nat was looking for a fresh challenge. She was offered the opportunity to become Operations Optimisation Leader the following year, aiming to make our booking agents’ day-to-day working life easier and taking away unnecessary admin. At the time, Nat witnessed the Asia team grow significantly, while personally was learning to balance two new roles: being a mum and a leader.

From there came a swift promotion to Head of Operations in late 2019. It’s a role that’s come with its challenges through the COVID pandemic, but has turned to a highlight in mid-2022 with companies wanting to travel, and Nat leading a growing team of new consultants in Asia.

Nat says, “One of the best things about this company is that we make sure to listen to what our employees are saying, because we know how important our team are to our customers. Our people often have the most creative ideas to how we can make our customers’ experience smoother and their lives easier.”

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