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A global tech firm with operations in 18 global locations, and an annual travel spend of $60M

The Challenge:

Hotel Compliance

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The Solution:

After trading successfully with FCM in the USA for many years, the decision was made to globalize the program into Europe and Asia to get a handle on the global spend and start to drive costs down and preferred compliance across the entire global operations.

FCM successfully implemented all markets on the back of the decision and found out, after data buyer behavior tracking data was collected, that travelers were not booking hotels with an attachment rate of 50% globally resulting in little leverage for future negotiations, let alone traveler experience and risk management. Like many first time global consolidated programs, the initial hotel program was very US centric due to the lack of previous global data and local country buy in.

With the help of FCM 4D, and in order to further globalize the program and gain greater global buy in, every country was solicited for local input and feedback on the new global program. This allowed all individual countries to have a say and sense of ownership in the new program which ultimately resulted in 100 additional hotels being added to the program.

In coordination with the new program being rolled and a new policy mandate to book all hotels via FCM, attachment rates have since risen to 80% with most continued leakage being direct customer rates or internal meeting spend.

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The Results:

Increased overall hotel volume by $8M globally while increasing the discount percentage by 3%. This added approximately $1.6m in additional savings and 30% increase to hotel compliance.

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