Guiding Lights - The strategic thinking behind managed travel programmes

Is your TMC delivering the strategic thinking your travel programme needs?

Long gone are the days when you turned to a TMC simply for fulfilment. Today, strong TMCs are business partners. Managing costs, adding value and identifying programme enhancements are ‘must-expect’ deliverables and the conduit for these essentials from a TMC is your Account Manager. 

Typically, account managers are asked to undertake benchmarking exercises from the rich data at their fingertips, risk management assessments, manage a ‘beauty parade’ of new vendors, improve online adoption or take a deep dive into data to keep a check on spend patterns and ROI.

‘Guiding Lights’ explores the role of today’s Account Manager as a business analyst, strategic thinker and trusted advisor to help clients navigate their way through the increasingly complex world of business travel management to achieve the desired outcomes. They manage costs by saving money and adding value; they provide better visibility through data and reporting to uncover further opportunities to enhance the travel programme; and they utilise technology to create solutions for the trickiest of challenges. They take the strain away from clients who don’t have the bandwidth to deal with the dynamics of business travel.

Through this white paper, discover how effective account management can help you realise more value from your travel programme. 

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