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Corporate travel in Japan comes with friction. It’s largely due to the country’s strong focus on domestic travel, and the fact this travel content (such as airfares and hotel rates) isn’t accessible in travel technology platforms. In a bid to accommodate all these different vendors, it’s become a fragmented travel technology landscape.

Until now. Step in FCM Platform, built to be flexible. FCM Platform plugs into global and local online content providers to show them in one place, making booking business travel in Japan smoother. In a country where digitalisation is key, it’s this level of customisation that will reduce travel booking friction and improve traveller safety.

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Globally connected, Japan character


FCM Platform has the same core travel experience in Japan as it does in the rest of the world, including profile management, approvals, reporting and safety and risk dashboards across all devices. That’s global consistency!

But while we had ticked the boxes with access to global tools like Concur and Cytric, we knew something special was needed. To be locally connected, it was critical that Japan’s local complexities were built into the design of our global platform, with considerations including a heavily domestic travel market, language and local travel content providers.

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Introducing BizVoyage


BizVoyage has been integrated with FCM Platform as an online booking tool option, configured to your business needs. Deployed in  Japanese, the tool provides access to and booking of Japanese travel content, including:

  • Domestic airfares including corporate fares from All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines.
  • The largest domestic aggregator of hotel content via Jalan Corporate Service, including your corporate negotiated rates.
  • Connection to JR-EX with your corporate negotiated rates.
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All plugged in


As part of FCM Platform, BizVoyage is an online booking option that comes with all the benefits of the entire platform, including:

  • Just one travel profile, wherever you’re logging in.
  • Approvals after bookings, to encourage compliance.
  • 24/7 traveller support for all bookings, both online and offline, with FCM all through the year.
  • Consolidated reporting, regardless of domestic or global reporting.
  • Duty of care tools and choice of risk provider.
  • Access to external integrations to fit your programme’s needs.

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