Case Study: Swift Emergency Management for Songa Offshore

FCM's Swift Emergency Management for Songa Offshore


Songa Offshore is a drilling contractor with offices in Oslo, Stavanger, Houston, Singapore and Perth. The company’s travel program is managed by FCM Cyprus 
and overseen by FCM’s global sales division. Songa Offshore requires 24/7 travel management services capable of dealing with challenges that exist when people work in remote locations. When a crew member suffered a medical emergency on an oil rig travelling between Singapore and South Korea, FCM’s crisis management team launched a well coordinated emergency operation. 


  • FCM immediately harnessed the local resources of FCM Taiwan, where the rig had been diverted to, and in less than two hours a two phased emergency plan had been developed.
  • The first phase involved coordinating medical treatment for the crew member and booking accommodation for his accompanying carer in Hualien, Taiwan.
  • FCM alerted the hospital of the patient’s arrival, arranged for an English speaking contact to meet the crew members and provided local currency for incidentals.
  • FCM kept in close contact with Songa Offshore, the patient and the hospital during the crew member’s five day stay. FCM also assisted with language, cultural issues and monitored the patient’s treatment.
  • Once the patient had stabilised, FCM coordinated the second phase which was the repatriation of the carer and patient.
  • FCM made all travel arrangements including transfers from the hospital to the local airport and organised an FCM contact to monitor the patient and his carer during the long transit in Taipei.
  • FCM closely monitored the flight to Australia to ensure it departed on time, because of the patient’s condition.
  • The patient arrived safely in Melbourne, seven days after the incident.


FCM demonstrated that its network coverage and strong global relationships, ensured the emergency plan could be carried out efficiently and expertly. FCM provided an immediate and coordinated response despite the disparate locations involved.

FCM’s seamless service was backed up with in-depth local knowledge provided by FCM’s people on the ground in Taiwan. FCM’s response went beyond the confines of its agreement with Songa Offshore and reflected FCM’s determination to find a solution.


“FCM can be relied on for global coverage that is  not only geographical but also goes  beyond mere travel.”

Hubert Mugliette - Human Resources Supervisor, Songa Management Limited


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