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Key Highlights

Key Highlights

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Flying High

BOC Aviation leases and sells aircraft to airlines, in fact, it’s the largest agency of its kind headquartered in Asia. BOC is a subsidiary of the Bank of China and works with airlines around the world to secure their fleet.

With HQ in Singapore and operating bases in Dublin, London, New York, and Tianjing, the majority of BOC’s travel is between these locations. Their team is also often travelling to San Francisco, Seattle, Paris, Seoul, Dubai, and Frankfurt. A truly global operation. Travellers have always been at the heart of BOC Aviation’s travel policy, and their needs have guided much of the travel programme.

Using technology to ease the pain

In late 2021, the FCM Platform was launched. An omni-channel platform filled with digital tools and dashboards to put travel managers, bookers and travellers in control of their travel programme. In a first for the APAC market, BOC Aviation was moved up the priority list to have the platform installed, so we could quickly resolve their issues.

The team quickly reviewed BOC Aviation’s existing technology stack in Singapore, the US, UK and Ireland. Once they understood the requirements, on-site training and demos were held to decide how the platform could be configured to BOC Aviation’s needs. From review to seeing those configurations in the platform took 10 days. Some of those requirements enabled include:

  • Live chat enabled to provide 24/7/365 support across channels including desktop and mobile.
  • Reporting dashboards and data management.
  • Dashboards to track costs and transactions, plus analytics to optimise spend.
  • Traveller wellness dashboards so managers can track and be informed about safety and security during trips.
Summary BOC Aviation Case Study

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With the technology offered by FCM, travelling has never been easier for BOC Aviation. From booking to reporting, everything can be done seamlessly. Get more details of how this is made possible.

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