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Established in Hong Kong in 1950, HAECO is one of the world’s leading independent aircraft engineering and maintenance, repair and overhaul groups. The Group offers a full spectrum of services for anything aircraft-related, from airframe services to cabin solutions and a suite of engine services. HAECO Global Engine Support, HAECO’s on-wing and in-field service provider has operations in Hong Kong, the UK, the Netherlands and America. HAECO’s on-wing mechanics are frequently flying for short term projects overseas and need a digital, scalable and sustainable platform for booking travel.

The Challenge?

Sustainability is no longer an option.

For HAECO Global Engine Support, it is a responsibility, and one the company takes very seriously.

Covid-19 has been described as the great reset. With a travel-related emissions baseline of close to zero in 2021, HAECO Global Engine Support wanted to take active steps to reimagine their return to business travel, paying particular attention to sustainability. The problem was that the solutions HAECO Global Engine Support had in place didn’t focus on sustainability.

The solutions were also decentralised, manual and offline. The company realised it was time to swap spreadsheets for technological innovation. After all, mistakes are more susceptible with manual processes, and errors can be costly. HAECO Global Engine Support turned to FCM for a centralised, digital system to provide convenience and better reporting and help simplify future booking processes, from pre-trip approvals to profile management and traveller tracking.


The solution?

A smarter, greener, safer way to travel.

1 Smarter

An online booking tool with a human twist…

Manual travel booking processes are known to be labour- and time-intensive. FCM wanted to free up HAECO Global Engine Support employees to be able to focus on what they do best: aircraft engineering and maintenance.

Automation through an online booking tool was the answer, but not without the backing of human knowledge – in other words: a person to speak to on the other end of the line.

The fully customisable booking tool implemented by FCM allows HAECO Global Engine Support travellers to easily book through approved channels, while at the same time equipping the travel manager with the tools to assess risks and monitor situations. Behind the online booking tool is a team of FCM people, available day and night by email, phone or on the ground to offer a reassuring presence. It’s the best of both worlds.

2 Greener

Counting Carbons

Imagine you can calculate CO2 emissions per flight, accommodation or car rental booking. And that you can then choose from specific climate action projects against which to offset your total carbon footprint.

That’s exactly what FCM offered HAECO Global Engine Support through its partnership with South Pole. FCM put sustainability at the heart of the booking process, helping HAECO Global Engine Support employees make better decisions regarding their carbon footprint, while helping the organisation meet its global sustainability goals.

FCM Platform’s sustainability dashboard shows travellers their individual stats regarding travel CO2 emissions and enables travel managers to see total carbon footprint and CO2 savings achieved per month.

3 Safer

Technology changes gears

The health and safety of business travellers is at the top of the agenda for HAECO Global Engine Support, and technology facilitates traveller safety.

FCM provides customised dashboards where HAECO Global Engine Support travel managers can get an immediate snapshot of where their travellers are, including flight times, ETAs, accommodation, itineraries and more. Mobile alerts to inform travellers of any changes or incidents, apps with a 24/7 chat or call-back function so travellers can ask for advice and support any time, any place.

FCM and South Pole have been fantastic to work with. They took the time to understand HAECO Global Engine Support’s business model and the impact of Scope 3 carbon emissions resulting from our On-Wing teams. The projects on South Pole aligned with the Sustainable Development goals of HAECO Global Engine Support and was a key reason why we chose to work with FCM and South Pole.

- Timothy Haughton, BDM Project Owner

The Result?

HAECO Global Engine Support has modernised their travel management programme through digital solutions. The organisation is now providing its travellers with a smarter, greener and safer way to travel thanks to FCM.

HAECO business travel case study | FCM Travel

FCM was selected to be HAECO Global Engine Support’s travel partner for Asia and Europe. They tailored a travel solution to our needs with a focus on quality, sustainability, and ingenuity. I look forward to continuing to work with FCM as HAECO GES moves from the implementation phase to the execution phase.

- Timothy Haughton, BDM Project Owner

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