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4 good reasons to consolidate your hotel spend with one TMC

Most companies ensure that their airfares are centrally booked for full visibility and compliance. It makes perfect sense. And not only from a booking, reporting and reconciliation point of view – but in terms of budget too.

By booking through one globally-connected platform it’s easy to secure the best fares on the day; manage credits, vouchers and loyalty points; analyse your spend; and deliver impressive savings.

In fact, it’s a no-brainer. Why then, are hotel bookings often left up to the traveller?

Maybe it’s time to consider an alternative way of doing things.

Here are just 4 reasons to streamline your hotel programme – and consolidate your spend:

1. Volume = Savings (and whole lot of perks)

In the past, TMCs had a better relationship with airlines than hotels and accommodation providers. This meant they were experts at negotiating and securing airfares – but perhaps not at tackling room rack rates.

Happily, things have changed. TMCs are on the ball and now offer their own unique rates. Even better? They’ll flex their buying power to negotiate impressive discounts on your behalf. And throw in perks like free upgrades or early check-in and late check-out.

Online booking tools have also moved with the times. They’re fully integrated, so third-party rates from platforms like are automatically pulled in so that lower rates can be offered even when corporate contracts don’t provide the best rate.

You can also filter options according to your travel policy, meaning that inflexible, non-refundable deals are weeded out. Say goodbye to suspiciously cheap rates, with a sting in their tail, forever.

Ultimately, volume will always win the day.

Where a company has a considerable number of room nights, it’s important to ensure that this spend is being leveraged to negotiate with hotels for rates that can’t be found online.

This can include price reductions, and improved flexibility or servicing depending on what you’re looking to achieve from your travel programme.

2. Extensive Choice

There’s an outdated notion that TMCs stick to rates in more established hotel chains, while other platforms boast millions of different properties.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. According to FCM Asia’s Head of Land Product, Leticia Tan, TMCs are always looking to expand their reach – and are particularly good at vetting accommodation options in rural or far-flung corners of the world. Important for multi-national companies with a footprint across the globe.

Leticia Tan, FCM Travel Asia

TMCs have wide range of product at their fingertips – and can still pull in third party rates from platforms such as to plug any gaps that may exist.

Importantly, they’ll ensure that you have access to an impressive selection of policy-friendly properties.

Leticia Tan
Head of Land Product, FCM Asia

3. Visibility and Traveller Safety

Okay that’s two reasons in one. But many companies often don’t see the value in mandating a hotel booking policy.

Centralised booking is essential for full visibility over your travel programme. In other words, do you know where your travellers are going and how much they are spending?

Hotels booked on third party websites won’t be visible in traveller tracking technology. Bad news in an emergency. And frustrating when you’re trying to analyse your company’s travel behaviour.

By having complete visibility over your hotel bookings you’ll be able to keep a handle on your spend – and know exactly where your travellers are if you need to bring them home.

4. Flexible Terms

Often companies find it difficult to find hotels with the right payment terms. Enter your TMC. They’ll look closely at your company’s travel policy or credit card policy to see where the issue lies – and even negotiate payment terms on your behalf.

The right partner can also consolidate all your hotel spend, which means one invoice at the end of the month. No surprises.

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