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Hotel programs are big business in the construction industry. Layered, complex and always changing this dynamic area of corporate travel management demands specialist support. We explain why.

Do you ever wonder who all the people are who fill up inner-city hotels during the week or weekends? Or why there’s no rooms left in any hotel, motor-ins or AirBnBs in a regional town like Lithgow?

It’s because the building and construction industry is booming. Literally. And quite often there’s a team of workers – labourers, plumbers, electricians, surveyors, site managers, architects and engineers to name a few, who may have flown interstate to work on a regional job site for a few weeks.

For many construction firms, accommodating workers requires a team of people behind the scenes to manage. And when we say ‘behind the scenes’ we’re talking travel and accommodation industry specialists that understand what’s required by all stakeholders to get a hotel program up and running smoothly.

“Developing hotel programs for construction clients that tender for multiple jobs at a time, large cross border infrastructural jobs or projects with lengthy timelines, requires a different approach to most hotel programs,” Hayley Taylor from FCM Consulting said.

“We have many clients who like to work with us because FCM together with FCM Consulting maintain a very fluid and flexible approach to client hotel programs. We don’t know what projects each client will be working on each year so we need to be agile when it comes to sourcing different hotels so we can add or remove properties according to their workload. It’s no use if a company is stuck with just one chain of hotels or a few properties as their pipeline of work may change or grow.”

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When it comes to selecting a travel management company, Hayley said building and construction firms were looking for broad advice such as -:

  • Help with creating a fit-for-purpose hotel supplier strategy to meet the needs of a single project pipeline or pipeline of multiple projects
  • Reviewing accommodation location coverage for growing project requirements
  • Improving cost containment or reviewing a hotel program’s ancillary benefits and inclusions
  • Help with consolidating a multinational or domestic hotel program to make preferred suppliers accessible and cost effective
  • Sourcing services for regional accommodation to support a new or mobile project
  • Support with reviewing a mature hotel program to ensure existing hotel rates are competitive in a changing market
  • Working on compliance and customer satisfaction issues.

“With some hotel programs worth over $4 million – there is extensive work that goes on behind the scenes to run a detailed analysis of a client’s room night volume, patterns and needs, sourcing of appropriate accommodation, rate negotiations, benchmarking plus all the implementation steps of bedding in a new program such as rate loading, checking and communication to travel bookers,” Hayley said.

Having developed many hotel programs for companies directly involved in the construction industry and businesses that are associated with the industry, FCM Consulting has an impressive track record of achieving results in this space.

FCM Consulting’s team maintain good working relationships with CBD and regional properties to ensure clients can attain program coverage and competitive rates.

“Sometimes it’s getting the non-GDS hotel product into the online booking tool which a business may need help with or setting up a chargeback solution in regional properties that don’t take certain credit cards,” Hayley said.

“Whatever the challenge or growth area, we always find a way to achieve a good result for the client and also for our accommodation suppliers.”

Think your hotel program could do with a review? Let the travel and construction experts help you build a program that performs.  Talk to the FCM team today.

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