Safe. Green. Connected.

Discover the best hotels and meeting spaces on the Vaccinated Travel Lanes

Goodbye quarantine. Hello to a whole new world.

With the Vaccinated Travel Lanes finally opening, most corporates are itching to take to the skies again. And now that quarantine requirements are scrapped, these VTL countries are positioning themselves as a popular business destinations.

Effective 7 September Germany, Brunei
Effective 19 October France, Demark, Italy, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Spain, USA, Canada
Effective 15 November South Korea

As you’re planning that next business meeting in Berlin, conference in Seoul or event in New York, you might feel a little overwhelmed. After all, yesterday’s priorities are not the same priorities we have today.

Not to worry! We have relooked, rethought and reimagined what is important from a hotel and meeting place.

Clean. Green. Connected. Those are the criteria we’ve adopted in our selection for you.

Hilton Hotels Frankfurt

Tried & Trusted. Discover Hilton Hotels

We’re pretty sure Hilton doesn’t require an introduction. This leading global hospitality company has a portfolio of 18 world-class brands with nearly 6,000 properties and more than 954 000 rooms in 117 countries.

Is it clean?

Clean and ready for you.” Hilton doesn’t take any chances when it comes to hygiene, cleanliness and safety. The hotel group’s CleanStay programme ensures that every nook and cranny at the Hilton is clean and safe. 

Is it green?

Hilton is the poster child for a green and sustainable hotel group. The group’s LightStay programme measures everything from energy to water, waste and carbon impact. And if you want to offset the carbon footprint of your next meeting, the LightStay Meeting Impact Calculator has the answer.

Can we connect?

Ready for your next event? So is Hilton! The group has launched a dedicated Event Planner Programme. Expect innovative COVID-friendly event spaces, new technology and inspiring food options.

Augmented Hospitality at its best. Discover Accor.

Augmented Hospitality at its best. Discover Accor.

With over 50 years’ experience under its belt, Accor’s reputation is indisputable. This world-leading augmented hospitality group offers unique experiences in almost 5,100 hotels, resorts, and residences under 40 brands, across 110 countries.

Is it clean?

All safe and well” at Accor. The company has partnered with top experts to ensure everyone’s safety in these new COVID times. The new ALLSAFE label ensures that each touchpoint along your journey is safe and clean.

Is it green?

Planet 21 is Accor’s amazing sustainability programme. Expect eco designs, free-range and healthy food and water saving initiatives.

Can we connect?

Hybrid makes the ‘new’ world go round. That’s why Accor teamed up with Microsoft to launch ALL CONNECT. This concept will enable guests around the world to adapt to the new hybrid way of working.

Adina Aparthotels Europe

Live Like A Local. Discover Adina Aparthotels Europe (TFE Hotels)

Part of the Australian-based TFE Hotels, Adina Aparthotels is all about making people feel at home. Today, the group features 80 hotels with 11.826 keys in Australia, New Zealand and Europe under seven brands, with more than 11 more hotel projects under various stages of development.

Is it clean?

When you stay with us, we will look after you.” That’s Adina’s promise to guests. From new check-in and cash handling procedures, virtual registration cards, contactless cleaning, hand sanitisation stations and knock-and-drop room service, the hotel group has pulled out all the plugs to ensure a safe experience.

Can we connect?

Mobile and flexible! That’s Adina’s superpower. The hotel aims for big success with small meetings as the world of work is changing. You’ll even have a personal meeting planner at your beck and call to help with – well, literally anything.

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