Advancing gender parity, diversity, and inclusion for all

At FCM, our aspiration is to create a corporate culture that embraces each individual for their unique attributes, and we seek to encourage and facilitate opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. As a global business travel management company, diversity and inclusion is deeply rooted in our DNA, and we recognise these are important drivers for business innovation and growth.

We are also firmly committed to gender equity (one of our six D&I pillars) – represented by our Womenwise programme, which exists to inspire all women by showcasing opportunity, providing role models, and offering structured support to create gender balance in all leadership teams across our organisation.

Celebrating International Women's Day 2022

As part of this year's International Women's Day celebration at FCM, we want to shine a light on the amazing women and gender equity allies that make up the travel industry.

Below, you'll find leaders from across FCM Asia, our clients, partners, and travel media, who have shared their unique perspectives on how and why they support women, gender equity, diversity, and inclusion within their teams and organisations. 

We're proud to feature and work with such empowering people.

Perspectives from FCM and Discova's people

Shilpika  IWD 2022
Tim IWD 2022
Sara  IWD 2022
Marini IWD 2022
Porjai IWD 2022
Bonnie Leung  IWD 2022
Vicki Parris IWD 2022
Angela Meng  IWD 2022
Bach IWD 2022


Perspectives from our clients, partners and travel trade media

Mars IWD 2022
Micron IWD 2022
Jessica Accor - FCM Travel IWD 2022
Shirey Chin IWD 2022
Oi San IWD 2022
Cheryl IWD 2022
Iris IWD 2022
Karen  IWD 2022
Raini IWD 2022
Xinyi IWD 2022
Nengah IWD 2022
As a TMC with a presence in over 90 countries, we firmly believe a part of our responsibility includes being a conduit for important conversations that affect our industry and planet. By hosting these leaders’ images and quotes on our corporate channels, we hope it inspires, creates conversations, and continues to drive change concerning women and gender equity in the corporate travel industry. 

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