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Open for business travel: Singapore opens to the world through the Vaccinated Travel Framework. What do you need to know?

After two years of quarantine and travel restrictions, Singapore’s borders are now fully open to vaccinated travellers. Free movement across borders in and out of Singapore may be the best thing that has happened to business travellers for this year yet. Growth, expansion of business, long-awaited easy trips, here we come!

Here’s what you need to know about the new VTF.

One single test to enter Singapore. Quarantine-free business travel for the rest of your journey.

At the heart of the framework is the vast simplification of Singapore’s travel restrictions for entry into the Lion City, quarantine-free. These include:

  • Full vaccination (two doses at least two weeks apart) with a WHO accredited vaccine, complete with a vaccination certificate.
  • A supervised ART or PCR test taken two days prior to departure with a negative result.
  • Completion of SG Arrival Card 72 hours prior to arrival in Singapore.
  • Not travelled to or transited via any country on the Ministry of Health's Restricted Category in the last seven consecutive days before departure for Singapore.

On arrival, testing has also been removed and fully-vaccinated travellers are allowed to enter from any country as long as they are not on the restricted category of regions/countries with developing COVID-19 situations that warrant stricter border measures imposed on arrivals. The good news? There are no countries on this list yet! (information accurate as of 31 March)

Just as easy to get out of Singapore!

Getting yourself out of Singapore has certainly gotten a lot easier, but it’s still important to make sure you’re in the know of all the steps that’s needed before you go away and prior to returning.

The good news is that the process and requirements are just as simple. All you need is:

  • Pre-departure ART or PCR test taken 48-72 hours (subject to destination regulations) prior to departure with a negative test result
  • On arrival tests and quarantine restrictions (subject to destination regulations)
  • Returning back to Singapore? A supervised ART or PCR test taken 48 hours prior to departure will do the trick!

Three final tips for any departures out of Singapore: 

  • Visa requirements - ensure you have the necessary documentation for entry into the destination.
  • Monitor their health prior to and during travel – it’s still important to have safe and responsible practices throughout the trip.
  • Always have on hand your procedures, policies and emergency contacts, in the event of any emergencies or if you test positive while on a trip.
Infographic: Singapore Vaccinated Travel Framework

Keep an eye on overseas rules.

While most countries globally are moving towards simplified travel rules or complete lift of quarantine and health restrictions, it’s good to be clear about the rules so you don’t fall foul of the rule and end up getting stuck aboard.

Check the restrictions of the country you’re visiting before you book that trip. While many countries globally have lifted health and quarantine restrictions, there are still a handful with testing requirements or quarantine measures in place.

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