Thinking about consolidating your corporate travel program? 


First thing is first – congratulations! You’re on track for a stronger, smoother program with fewer data inefficiencies, undoubtedly more savings, and a laundry list of other benefits. At FCM, we know that the word “consolidation” tends to evoke dread. But don’t worry. We’re proven changemakers, historically achieving 9-15% savings with clients after the first year of consolidation. If you go through the process with us, we’ll help you start looking at those growing pains as opportunities.

Drop us a line and we’ll help you identify which of the three types of consolidation fits your objectives, plus how we can help. 

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How to define the type of consolidation you're facing

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Organizational Consolidation

Does a recent merger or acquisition mean that you have to consolidate travel programs? Looks like you’ve got an Organizational Consolidation on your hands. Get ready for better negotiated vendor rates and one unified corporate travel program.
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Effort Consolidation

So you think having different TMCs in different regions is efficient for a best-in-market solution. We’re not here to tell you what to do. But if you’re ready to stop duplicating your efforts – especially when there’s a global travel policy change – Effort Consolidation may be for you.

Knowledge Consolidation

Are you streamlining data and information flows to get a clearer picture of your travel program? You’re completing a Knowledge Consolidation. Gone are the days of corrupted data, duplicate traveler profiles, and data scattered across separate apps.
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It’s time to think strategically when facing a travel program consolidation 

Understanding the three pillars or program consolidation can help make sure you are tacking the process strategically and without unneeded complications.  

This guide will help you... 

  • Identify which type of consolidation pillar best fits your requirements  
  • See examples of how organizations have mastered consolidation challenges 
  • Feel confident in taking the first step towards successful travel program consolidation 

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Consolidation Stories

Consolidation is such a monumental undertaking and at FCM, we don’t take that lightly. We’re proven changemakers with more than 300 multinational clients. Over the years, we’ve consolidated more than $2 billion in travel spend. Below are some of our consolidation stories. 

Through our partnership with FCM, we have been able to grow and more efficiently manage our travel program. Additionally, the timely response and guidance we’ve received from our account management team has been great – they are always just a phone call or email away!

-Leigh Stevens, Manager, Team Member Services, Tractor Supply Company

[FCM is] large enough to provide you with the service and technology that you need but not so large that you get lost in the mix. We have about 6 different business units, and they all have a travel budget. [They’re] a lot of work, but I receive great detail and great reporting information.

-Michael Conley, Senior Global Category Manager of Procurement, Charles River Laboratories 

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