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Experience a new type of travel programme, fit for a post-COVID-19 world.

Expert level consulting

FCM Consulting represents the next generation of advisory services for the business travel industry.

Through strategic guidance and tactical assistance, our team of experts improves your corporate travel program — from procurement processes through to traveler experience — placing a strong focus on flexibility and tangible results.

Discover a new type of travel program, fit for a post-COVID-19 world.

A team of experts on your side

Our FCM Consulting team is made up of industry leaders in travel, finance, and procurement, experienced in working with clients from small enterprises through to global corporations.

The services include supplier sourcing, contract performance management, outsourcing, travel policy design, benchmarking, data intelligence, and more.

With a bespoke approach, our team’s value lies in its ability to enhance and optimize your program in the way that suits your company’s culture and objectives.

Take your travel program to the next level.

Adding travel BI (Business Intelligence), database sources into simplified reporting architecture we elevate travel analytics into powerful opportunities.
With FCM Consulting, supplier sourcing is an ongoing labor of love, not a one-off event. We find the right mix of suppliers and then drive your program’s performance throughout the entire contract term.
Every program has an opportunity to improve. Our team will optimize yours by diving into the numbers, refining current travel processes, and introducing new solutions.
The sharing economy comes to corporate travel management. By accessing our senior-level expertise when you need it, you’ll be keeping your costs low and your savings high.
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Knowledge is power

We put our thought leadership into practice and deliver travel industry principles into the marketplace through research, market reports, case studies, white papers, regular panel appearances at industry conferences and partnerships with leading industry bodies.


Swifter, smarter, smoother travel.

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