Getting Ready for Th!nk


Getting Ready for Th!nk

Mark your calendars: May 10th, 2022 

FCM, in partnership with GBTA, is bringing you a completely one-of-a-kind virtual event. Broadcast across the globe – and in a time zone that suits you – we’ll gather the international travel industry together in one extraordinary space. Th!nk is the FCM event of the year. 

You can navigate through global insights, local expertise, impressive speakers, and exclusive content in the Th!nk global content library on-demand and on your own time. Here’s how to prepare. 

5 tips to get ready for Th!nk


1. Have your password ready and get familiar with the virtual space 

After registering for Th!nk you will receive a password 1-2 days before kick-off. Take some time to explore the virtual space, check out speaker bios and the agenda, and play with the settings (like language) before jumping into the action on May 10th. 

2. Check out the agenda ahead of the day 

We’ve got a jam-packed calendar for you. With sessions happening across the globe, there will be content available as soon as you log in.

For a slick and seamless Th!nk experience add key agenda items to your itinerary so that you receive notifications and avoid missing out – but don’t worry if you miss the livestream! Everything can be viewed on-demand later. 

3. Be ready to think, challenge and debate 

Don't sit in a bubble! Get the most out of Th!nk by getting involved with live polls and asking questions. Start conversations on the platform with other attendees to discuss and debate what you’ve just listened to - it might spark the ideas you’ve been searching for. 

4. Take a breather – it’s OK to leave and come back 

Virtual event fatigue is real. You don’t need to dedicate an entire day to viewing Th!nk. We know the content is excellent and you don’t want to miss out – but it’s available for you live on May 10th and then on demand at any time after that, so go and grab a coffee and relax. We’ve got your back. We’ve also taken the time to make sure our sessions are in small, interactive, digestible pieces. Pop in and pop out – but do get involved. 

5. Ask for tech support if you need it

Having issues logging in or viewing the content? That’s OK. We’ve got a dedicated team of people on hand to help with any issues regarding the virtual event. If you can’t find your password or are having issues logging in or accessing the content just email our team at