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Make meaningful impact in your travel programme. | FCM Travel

Make meaningful impact in your travel program. 

The reality is, you can’t effectively control what you can’t measure. Status quo travel tech solutions blind you with insights, leaving you craving more visibility, all while watching leakage drown your budget. But not with FCM.

Take charge of cost, compliance, and safety with a seamless technology platform that provides cutting-edge data capture for insights with real impact. 

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How can technology create meaningful impact?

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Bring certainty to proposed policy tweaks

Explore the "what ifs"

Changes to your corporate travel policy might not always have the desired effect. How can you pre-empt that?  

Clients have often asked us for a ballpark figure on how much a change to their policy might cost or save them. In the FCM Platform, they can simulate these policy adjustments themselves, and easily explore the ‘what ifs’. Combined with our team pulling thousands of data points, our clients can see through the data trees, and make smarter decisions. 

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Plug travel program leakage

Connect the dots

Even with a solid travel policy, a structured approval process and the right tech in place, you’ll still see random expenses from business trips submitted. The FCM Platform captures third-party expense data from sources such as Concur Expense to compare what was booked with FCM, and what was expensed out-of-channel.

Better visibility across travel & expense data is possible. See how the FCM Expense Connector can track down rogue expenses and cure your expense reporting headaches.

Customer stories of solutions in action

Consolidated data for CVTE

Effective data analysis and transformational insights was a priority for China-based electronics firm CVTE. By integrating systems like WeChat and OA into FCM’s online booking tool, they could capture meaningful booking behavior and patterns. FCM analyzed this consolidated data to refine CVTE’s travel program and create a robust travel policy.

Improved compliance for construction firm

A construction equipment seller wanted to direct travelers away from consumer sites and onto Concur in order to use preferred partners and maximize unused tickets. After implementing FCM Extension, an estimated US$16k was redirected from 300 consumer travel sites over six months. The increased volume through approval channels meant greater discounts and better safety and crisis management.

Prioritized traveler wellbeing for Oil Spill Response

Oil Spill Response wanted to ramp up its wellbeing efforts for critical staff who work 16-hour days. Travel manager Alice Linley-Munro used FCM Platform to check how many flights are taken outside of business hours, the percentage of red-eye flights taken and weekday vs weekend bookings. Armed with that information, Alice could make trips more bearable by changing accommodation options, allowing extra legroom on flights and permitting one-day trips to have a pre-flight overnight airport hotel stay

Tech to improve business travel data visibility is the start. An Account Manager helps bring the data story to life.

Hear how Marisa Stallman, Account Management Support, U.S., uses her expertise to help clients demonstrate corporate travel program value. 



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Budget-spilling leakage and productivity-killing tech. Sound familiar? It's why we built one single platform, optimized for you, and made to power the future of business travel.





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