In Conversation: Recovery from COVID-19

Two men sitting in conversation

In Conversation: Recovery from COVID-19 

Join FCM’s Global Account Management Director Scott Reddie in our first “In Conversation” webinar episode on what data can tell us about recovery from COVID-19, and what data your TMC could provide to help you prepare for the green light to travel.

Scott is joined by Stephen Pitcher, FCM’s data and analytics specialist and our Account Management team from across the globe, to discuss:

  • An overview of the COVID-19 situation and what trends we have seen across the world.
  • The green shoots and re-emergence of travel in Asia and what this could tell us about travel returning in other regions.
  • What should be the focus for business recovery and how can customers use data to make informed decisions.
  • Will COVID-19 result in a more robust approach to risk management and traveler well being.
  • How we are handling important customer priorities such as refunds, operational change, and policy adjustment.

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