Guiding a Fortune 100 Insurance Company to Successful Organizational Change

Key Highlights

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Fortune 100 insurance company

FCM is proud to be the selected travel partner of a well-known fortune 100 insurance company who excels at providing their members with exceptional value and service. Their industry-leading approach and relentless focus on member experience has allowed them to build a strong reputation both for customer service and employee satisfaction.

Limited safety concerns. Maximum business opportunities.

The challenge

After 10 years with their travel management provider, the client wanted to level up their travel program. This required FCM to step in with an elaborate change management process to ensure a smooth transition. Understanding new mobile technology, integration capabilities and service value propositions that could offer improvements to their current program was critical in their criteria. After a robust and competitive evaluation process, the client awarded their business to FCM Travel based on a mutual alignment of their objectives and overall service vision for their travel program.

Communication is key

Ensuring that there was an effective change management process in place for their stakeholders was a top priority in the onboarding process with FCM. Fortunately, FCM was able to bring a well-defined change management structure based on Prosci ADKAR principles to support the change journey. To ensure a smooth transition, a change management resource was assigned to the project to assess the organization, size the change, review stakeholder impacts and to develop the communication strategy and plan. Working in partnership with the client’s project team – a detailed review, plan and strategy was developed in a few short weeks. The events and communications that followed focused on each individual travel persona, ensuring they knew why the change was occurring, how they would experience the change across the travel journey, and what the benefits of the change would be.

Not only did FCM provide comprehensive, customized materials and sessions, they consistently took the time to listen and understand our culture, and then flexed to align with our needs


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Drum roll please

The collaboration between FCM Travel and the client’s project team resulted in a well-executed change plan. Their staff began seeking to become change champions in the organization based on the buzz they had heard from other stakeholders. Travel persona-based technology journeys were well received and allowed pressing questions on the change to be addressed well before the transition. Live training session polling showed over 90%+ of attendees felt they could navigate the new changes successfully when it came time to book travel. Lessons learned from previous change projects were well integrated into the plan to avoid repetition of the same change mistakes. FCM’s support and available resources paved a clear path to the end goal: ensuring an effective change management process in the onboarding with FCM; which is exactly what we did. 

​​​​FCM provided an abundance of communications and other resources that were easily adaptable to our company’s culture and brand.


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Change is good

After spending 10 years with the same travel management provider, this fortune 100 company needed to level up. They needed a travel management company who could provide a seamless experience between mobile technology, integration with other programs and improve upon their current program. This, of course, came with big change across the board. Transitioning into a new technology can be a daunting task when it already touches various parts of an organization. But FCM worked with several key teams ensuring a smooth transition and leaving no questions unanswered. With our help, 90% of attendees felt they could navigate new changes successfully. 

By far one of the best corporate trainings I’ve attended in some time. 


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