Jingle all the July! 5 Tips for Planning Your Holiday Parties


We know that most people are currently spending their summers at picnics with their toes in the sand, so it may feel ludicrous for us to be talking about planning your 2022 company holiday parties.

However, just like everyone was ready to jump right back into traveling, the same goes for parties and events. Even though December may feel far away, the venues, vendors, and supplies you need may be booked now. 

Okay, don’t panic. There is still time if you start now, and here are FCM Meetings & Events’ 5 tips to booking a fantastic holiday party. 

1. We’ll say it again…start now! 

Don’t sit back and assume that your usual banquet hall will be available come November. Someone may have snagged it all the way back in August. Proactive planning provides you with three invaluable things: better options, better rates, and best of all, peace of mind. You don’t want your holiday cheer to melt away because you can’t source locations, food, or swag.  

2. Invest in the Spirit of Giving 

After the past few years of unrest, we all know we have so much to be thankful for, including the opportunity to celebrate together! Start off your holiday party on a positive and charitable note by getting everyone involved with a great team building activity that gives back. Set up a giving tree, invite a charitable organization to sponsor your event, or arrange a group trip to volunteer at a community kitchen or pantry. Nothing brings people together like helping one another. 

3. Celebrate Conveniently 

A lot of employees may want to spend their holiday evenings with family, so consider hosting your holiday party during breakfast, brunch, or at a fun, off-site location during business hours. Ice skating in Center City, a walk to the local holiday market, or even a trip to a local holiday themed exhibition is a great way to get everyone into the holiday spirit. Want to keep it in the office? Try a hot cocoa and holiday pajama party! 

4. Remember – there are so many festive holidays to celebrate! 

It’s so important to be inclusive. Not all your employees celebrate the same winter holiday, so make sure to incorporate other holidays, including those that may be lesser known, into your celebrations. Provide literature, activities, and party gifts that speak to all the different traditions and cultures your employees have. Decorations should also be inclusive, so everyone can feel represented and included. You never know what amazing conversations will spark between employees as they discuss the inclusive decorations at your holiday event. 

5. Deck the halls? Let’s Tech the halls! 

While a classic photobooth feels like a must at any holiday party, it’s time to think outside the booth! 360 video cameras, interactive social walls, confetti video/photo boxes or even your holiday party’s very own mobile application – there's so many new and fresh ways to incorporate fun and easy technology into your party that will have your attendees talking about it well into the new year! 

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Need advice on how to plan an epic 2022 holiday party? Look no further than FCM Meetings & Events, your experts in booking, sourcing, and planning unforgettable experiences. 

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