Brian Vaughan's FCM Employee Story

Brian Vaugh Employee Spotlight

26 years later, it was time for a change 

I spent almost three decades in the hotel industry working my way through various different roles, from front desk and operations, to eventually landing in sales. I ended up in a major account management role with a large hotel brand in Canada. A big part of this role was actually selling accommodations to Flight Centre Travel Group. I witnessed the culture and energy of the company and its employees firsthand. When you’re in vendor sales, oftentimes TMCs barely have time for you and brush you off. Not the FCTG team. They were truly partners, open to conversations and new ideas. From the outside I thought it was too good to be true. Now that I’m on the inside, I can confirm that it is true. I’ve been at FCM for almost a year now, and never once has someone rolled their eyes when I’ve asked a question or been opposed to new ideas. I know I’m going to grow and succeed in this role, because the people here will make sure I do. I’m proud to represent the people that work here. 

Brian Vaughan

Brightness of future in sight 

I see a huge opportunity to be at FCM for the rest of my career. The main reason for this is I can see there are so many opportunities to develop and grow my skills. Maybe it will be in this role, maybe it will be in another, but I will be very surprised if I considered leaving. I’m confident that my team will look out for me, and if there is a role in another department or team that they think I’d be great for, they’ll tag me in. I have coworkers who have been here for 20 years. It’s just the kind of company you want to stay at. Everyone here wants to help each other and support growth, and there’s an innate sense of fun. 

Brian Vaughan

Where to next? 

Some may find this cliché, but Disney World. It’s just a great family experience and I love sharing it with my wife and daughters. We also miss the fun, the magic, and all the rides. As my girls get older, they won’t get to travel with us as much anymore, and this is such a classic and perfect family trip for us. But if I had to choose another country to visit, it would be Scotland. The people, the countryside, the whiskey…it’s unmatched.  

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