7 best event management tools to plan a successful event

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Planning an event can be an exhilarating experience…but exhilaration often leads to exhaustion. 

In fact, a recent study by World Scholarship Vault found that event planner stress levels have hit an all-time high – the third most stressful job in the world. Of course, this comes as no surprise. With so many moving parts involved in bringing an event to life, it's no wonder event management professionals often find themselves juggling numerous tasks simultaneously.  

Luckily, there’s no shortage of tools to help you squash that stress.  

With the help of our Meetings and Events team, we've outlined the best-of-the-best software solutions to support you at every (and yes, we mean every) stage of the event planning process. 

What to look for in an event management tool 

Remember: no tech is created equal. When searching for the perfect event management software, be sure to consider any and all key factors that align your company goals with your event requirements. 

Before committing to any specific tool, make sure you can confidently say yes to the following questions:  

  • Does it meet your needs? – Different tools and event planning software cater to various event types and business requirements. Before making a decision, clearly define your needs and objectives. Ensure that the software you choose aligns with those specific needs.  

    That being said, it may not be possible to find every feature you’re looking for in a single software within an already limited budget. In this case, you may want to leverage a combination of tools that fulfill different needs. 
  • Does it have positive reviews? – Don’t dive in without first testing the waters! Research and evaluate the reputation of the event management tools you are considering. The experiences and feedback of other event planners can provide valuable insights into the software's effectiveness, reliability, and user satisfaction. 
  • Does it have a user-friendly interface? – A comprehensive event management tool should make your job easier, and not cause additional headaches. Look for software that offers intuitive navigation, easy customization, and a clear interface to maximize your efficiency and minimize the learning curve for you and your team. 

Don’t settle for silver: Top 7 event management tools to consider 

There’s a lot of event management tools available. Like, alot. And with so many options out there, how can you choose the best event technology? 

That’s where FCM is happy to help. Here are 7 highly recommended options that cater to different aspects of event planning: 

1. Cvent 

Best all-in-one event management tool 

As an all-in-one event management tool, Cvent offers a comprehensive suite of features aimed at simplifying the entire event lifecycle. From venue sourcing and email marketing, to attendee management and post-event analysis, Cvent covers all aspects of event logistics. 

Its user-friendly interface and customizable functionalities make it suitable for events of all sizes and types, including intimate team-bonding field trips and large-scale conferences. With Cvent, event planners can streamline their workflows, enhance attendee engagement, and gain valuable insights through robust analytics and reporting. Trust us – we’re proof that it works

2. Attendee Hub Event App 

Best mobile app 

Gone are the days of printing thousands of paper agendas and event pamphlets to hand out to attendees. Attendees expect event mobile apps and are an environmentally-friendly solution to printed materials. The Attendee Hub Event App brings the power of Cvent right to the palm of your hand. 

This feature-packed app enables attendees to connect with valuable content, key event information, and – most importantly – each other. From building personalized agendas to participating in live Q&A sessions, chats, polls, and gamification, your guests can experience always-on engagement at any time, from anywhere. Virtual and hybrid event management has never been easier! 

Plus, with AI-powered networking and 1:1 appointment scheduling, attendees can easily set up meetings with key participants and ensure meaningful connections with your staff, making the Attendee Hub Event App an essential companion for anyone looking to create memorable and interactive event experiences. 

3. Eventbrite 

Best ticketing tool 

Looking to create a buzz around your upcoming event? Eventbrite is not only great for registration, it also helps promote your event with different marketing solutions – like email campaigns and social media – to keep your attendees engaged and excited. 

Eventbrite helps organizers with event creation, ticketing tools, customizable event pages, and ticket sales. The platform also equips event organizers with powerful analytics and reports, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and maximize the success of your event. 

While there is a small fee of 3.7% plus $1.79 per ticket, this tool is best for ticketed events (like concerts, galas, and sporting events) that require minimal registration data. 

4. OnArrival 

Best onsite check-in and badging software 

Say farewell to the frustrations of long lines and late-night badge stuffing! With OnArrival’s on-demand wireless badge printing and attendance tracking capabilities, you can eliminate pandemonium and ensure smooth sailing the day of your event. 

“This system is amazing. Not only does it facilitate a quick, seamless check-in process for attendees, it also allows us to print their badges onsite. No more chasing around a printer when you need to make badge changes! And since OnArrival eliminates long lines at check-in, you can process thousands of guests in no time. As a planner, this enables me to focus more energy on engaging with attendees and create a meaningful event experience.” 

-      Hayley Ketchum, Director of Sales & Account Management 

But what really sets OnArrival apart from similar event planning technology is its ability to provide planners with real-time, in-depth insights into how attendees are engaging with your brand. Additionally, OnArrival allows you to access and edit attendee details from any device. 

It’s the ace up your sleeve when it comes to facilitating efficient and stress-free onsite operations. 

5. Wrike  

Best in scheduling and organization 

Wrike is the ultimate all-in-one system for scheduling, coordinating, and managing events with ease. This powerful platform provides a wide range of customization options, allowing you to tailor it to fit your specific event schedule needs. With Wrike, you have the flexibility to choose from multiple integrations and add-on features, ensuring that you have all the event planning tools necessary to create a seamless event experience. 

But that’s not all – with Wrike, you can create projects with subtasks, cross-tag tasks to relevant projects, and assign users to effortlessly track progress. If you’re looking for a way to manage and coordinate your events with utmost precision, Wrike is the tool for you. 

6. Slido 

Best live polling tool 

Slido is a well-known Q&A and live polling tool that takes audience engagement to the next level. With Slido, users can easily crowdsource top questions from attendees, driving meaningful conversations during events. The live polling feature enhances attendee engagement and participation, making every session interactive, personalized, and exciting. 

It is worth noting that while Slido offers these features, many other event management platforms already include similar capabilities. For example, some event management platforms provide functionalities like displaying results on screen, offering various live poll question templates for easy setup, supporting question ranking, auto-reminders, and even embedding Q&A into speakers' slides. 

So, before adopting another app solely for Q&A and live polls, explore the features available in your existing event application to ensure a seamless experience for both you and your attendees. 

7. Zoom 

Best for streaming and recording 

In a blast from lockdown past, Zoom has become synonymous with virtual meetings and events. 

With its widespread familiarity, Zoom Events have become a standard option for many organizers. Zoom Events is designed to handle various aspects of event management, including hosting sessions via streaming, sharing events, managing ticketing, and more. 

However, Zoom Events is focused primarily on smaller courses and webinars, and may lack some of the more advanced features found on other event management platforms, such as the digital booths offered by vFairs. As a result, Zoom might not be the ideal fit for larger conferences or events that require more extensive, interactive functionalities. 

Nonetheless, for smaller-scale gatherings and webinars, Zoom remains a reliable choice, leveraging its reputation for seamless streaming and recording capabilities.

Events are our bread and butter 

Organizing and managing events can be…overwhelming to say the least. And throwing technology into an already scrambled mix? The stress can feel insurmountable. 

However, you don't have to tackle it all on your own.  

Our team of experts is here to lend a helping hand and show you how to harness the power of technology to reach a broader audience, enhance the attendee experience, review ROI on your events, protect and track your attendees, uncover hidden insights to make business improvements, and so much more. 

Don’t hesitate. Check out what our meetings and events team can offer you. 

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