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Acquiring Travel Data

We know that a web interface will not always be the way a client wants to access their data. Not all of our customers in the future will want to log into a reporting platform to see their data.

Customers will instead want us to apply this into their own world, whether that is their internal reporting platforms, intranet or through machine learning. AI sending out alerts and being able to provide feedback to the traveller about their travel behaviour. 

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Our data technology allows us to provide data and analytics back to our customers while ensuring it is kept safe and secure at all times. 

The sovereignty of the data is key and it will be able to be stored within a specific region or country, if necessary. 

This means issues around legislative regulation and compliance can be handled with ease through the latest advancements in our intelligent data platform. FCM works in 97 markets around the world and is a market-leader in ensuring different levels of regulation and compliance thanks to our experts on-the-ground in local offices. This includes both PCI compliance and GDPR. 

Our system is designed to be secure and compliant with ‘security by design’ infrastructure. 

It is this ability of our system to be flexible and integrate with any source, this can be an attractive proposition for customers who have requirements across the globe. We know you want the chance to design rules and standards to meet your needs alongside our own. 

As new booking processes come on board, we can accommodate that and make it simple, fast and easy for our people to provide that reporting to your people. 

This is the essence of what our next-generation platform is all about. 

We are clear in our mission to ensure people don’t have to spend a massive amount of time dealing with data. Our technology is focused on cleaning it up, analyzing it and processing it to present you with the key information you need to make important business decisions. 

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“Our next-generation of data technology allows us to provide data and analytics back out to our customers while ensuring it is kept safe and secure.” 

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