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FCM has a solid global footprint. This means a home ground advantage in over 95 countries worldwide. What do we mean by home ground advantage?

Think local knowledge; on-the-ground support from dedicated travel managers, and after-hours assistance wherever you find yourself in the world.

Even better? We have the tech to make it happen. Seamlessly.

Here are just 5 advantages of pairing global capabilities with local solutions:

1. Global travel policy

Vaccination programs. Travel restrictions. Testing requirements. It all still looks very different around the world. So put simply, it’s impossible to apply one travel policy to all your travelers – and destinations – across the globe.

If you want your travelers to be confident to return to the skies, take the time to review your travel policy. FCM’s travel experts will work closely with you to refine your travel policy, right down to local level, to ensure that your travelers adhere to regulations; all trips are on policy (be it cost, booking guidelines or accommodation) and that you eliminate leakage. 

Today a workable travel policy needs to be agile, flexible and locally informed. Does yours measure up?

2. Traveler safety

Duty of care has never been more important. Whether you’re talking risk mitigation, information or immediate response, having an expert team on the ground is a game changer.

Traveler safety is built into every aspect of our clients’ travel programs. From real-time information, advice and instant travel alerts for travelers on the road, to after-hours support, safety dashboards, and traveler tracking, FCM is transforming business travel.

3. Robust reporting

Another benefit of matching global capabilities with smart solutions? Next level reporting and analytics.

FCM will capture and analyze all your travel data, regardless of the country where the travel was booked. Custom-built dashboards allow you to track, interpret and translate your data into savings, improvements, and local benefits.

You’ll also be able to pull up-to-the-minute reports for cost analysis, budgeting and planning. Clear, concise data? Yes, please. 

4. Cost control & approval

Of course, the biggest benefit of a global partner is their global buying power. Volume equals savings (and whole lot of perks).

FCM can flex our global buying power to ensure that you always receive the best possible fares or rates on the day – and can often organize unexpected upgrades and travel perks (like early check-in or late check-out). This will help you stretch your budget, without ever compromising on the traveler experience.

But more than that, our booking platform will give you full, worldwide visibility over your teams’ travel bookings, which means you’ll be able to keep a handle on your spend.

Significantly, approvals just got a whole lot easier too. Bye-bye back-and-forth. FCM’s newly-refined approvals system allows all traveler requests to come into one dashboard, while approvals go directly to the traveler on their mobile.

5. Impressive integration 

Do you have offices in America, Austria, and Australia?

Whether you’re booking travel from Asia or South Africa, using Concur or Cytric (or other) FCM’s plug and play functionality means your global team can access a wide range of travel content and information; design digital itineraries; seek approval; book and report – in exactly the same way, anywhere in the world. It’s smooth. Better yet, it’s fast.

Ready to combine global expertise with hyper-local, personalized service? Talk to us today. 

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