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Innovation and efficiencies remain a top priority for FCM as we continue adapt to the new ways of business travel during COVID-19.

Our extensive in-house technology resources and lean structure allow us to be forward-thinking and agile in delivering robust technology tools designed to enhance the traveler experience, deliver informative data, and ultimately drive savings for our clients’ travel programs.

Check out some of FCM’s technology tools and resources below that are designed to deliver savings to your program.

Easily gather information on all of your traveller’s whereabouts, schedules, departures, and any other metric you need to ensure traveller safety.

Reporting & Analytics

The key to making smart commercial and operational decisions relating to your travel program relies on meaningful data and analytics. FCM’s Reporting platform goes beyond static reporting to deliver actionable business intelligence and analytics.

Within our reporting tool are key features and applications designed to take your program one step further, including:

AI Powered Reporting

Functioning as a search engine for your travel data, our AI Powered Reporting enables you to plug in the information you’re looking for and delivers a custom report in seconds. Giving you full visibility into your travel program — this feature helps to better inform your sourcing strategies, finds statistics you need to quickly respond to a critical incident, and makes it easier to identify savings opportunities.


FCM’s Air Contracting reporting application, ACIQ, helps maximize airline contracts by allowing clients measure overall airline contract performance, goal performance by goal type and targeted performance.

The key metrics available for reporting include performance percentage, targeted segments to hit goal, contracted & non-contracted spend & segments, share percentage, discount percentage, net discount, average discounts, savings and many more.

Travel Policy Adherence

Travel policy adherence being one of the primary drivers of cost savings for any managed program is becoming increasingly important these days.

Using our Scorecarding module, we can set mutually agreed upon compliance targets and measure performance of these targets by business unit, project or travel purpose — helping us determine if a particular department, division, or individual of an organization needs more training or attention and ensuring that our efforts are channeled effectively.

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FCM has partnered with Shep: a browser plug-in that facilitates open bookings that fall within the guidelines of a company's travel policy.

Leveraging Shep’s technology helps to better understand, monitor, and save on business travel bookings made through consumer sites by automatically detecting if a traveler is attempting to make an out-of-channel booking, and then enforcing your corporate travel policy directly by means of pop-up notifications to the traveler.

This integration into our systems delivers a frictionless travel experience by automatically communicating policy and capturing off-channel booking data without interrupting the traveler’s preferred flow of booking. By capturing previously invisible booking data from consumer sites, you’ll have greater visibility over travel spend.

FCM Approve

Through FCM Approve, we streamline the approval process and assist with increasing compliance. Integrated pre-trip approval workflows are flexible and can be completely tailored to suit an organization’s travel policy. Our Approval platform ensures that travelers and travel arrangers are following your company’s travel policy for maximized savings.


Our monitoring suite of tools, powered by industry-leading technology, check for opportunities to rebook lower fares or hotel rates which drop after booking, sending instant alerts when savings are found.

Unused Ticket Monitoring

Unused tickets are connected to the traveler’s profile and can be easily used either when booking online or when calling a consultant. We proactively monitor for unused tickets during both consultant-assisted and online bookings, and will notify the traveler if they have an unused ticket they can use. We can report at any time on all outstanding unused ticket credits on file, on a company-wide basis.


FCM Global Fares

Our proprietary FCM Global Fares web-based tool enables us to search and book fares from other FCM countries if advantageous. In many cases this can result in lower fares, better availability on specific flights, better availability in specific fare classes (such as first class), and more flexible fares rules. If a lower fare or better availability exist anywhere in our network of participating countries, our consultants can access it for you.

Knowing that strategic, innovative solutions designed today are going to have a profound impact on the future of business travel, our technology is built for the years ahead, helping our clients move forward in confidence.

For more information regarding how FCM can help support your travel program and maximize your travel budget, reach out to our team on the details below. 

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