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Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword or trending topic. It’s been engrained into how we run and conduct business — from reducing waste and reusing materials, to sourcing renewable energy and being more conscious of the green spaces around us. Travel isn’t exempt from that; in fact, it’s only been highlighted by the dramatic change in travel volumes we saw in 2020.


Many organizations are now in the early stages of planning their sustainability objectives. According to a GBTA/Emburse survey conducted in April 2021, half of the travel managers that responded have their eye on sustainability targets after the COVID-19 pandemic, but only 35% have policies around sustainability and travel in place.

When it comes to business travel, suppliers are already making moves to reduce their impact on the environment. These include:

  • Airlines making investments in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

  • Airlines reducing weight on aircraft to burn less fuel.

  • Hotel chains reducing waste and plastic.

  • Car rental and taxi firms switching to electric vehicles.

Keen to use airlines and companies like these? Your travel management company (TMC) can identify and work closely with suppliers that match your own sustainable goals.

Nudges and awareness for travelers to book more sustainably can be directly integrated into your booking channels. Say a traveler is booking a flight from London to Paris. FCM’s messaging, powered by Shep, would prompt a notification to pop up suggesting they take the Eurostar train instead of flying.

Let’s take that a step further. We know that carbon emission reporting is a common entry point into sustainability efforts. And while many would say our planet is a larger cost than money, we’ve thought about this from a budgeting perspective.

Using the brains behind FCM, Shep and Thrust Carbon, we can show carbon budgets in travel booking tools. In the booking process, pop-ups notify the user what the budget is and how much their flight option will cost in carbon. To raise awareness, they’ll also show what the cost in carbon is equivalent too. Fun fact: Did you know a flight from Melbourne to San Jose equates to 38,000 days of video conferencing?  

But reporting is just one step — it also needs action. At FCM, we’ve partnered with South Pole, a leading expert in global climate action, to help support companies looking to offset carbon by supporting specific climate action projects. With 12 options to choose from, you can connect to a project that your entire business can get behind. Discover more in our press release.

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