Sentiment Report: What Matters Most to Travelers in 2022


Sentiment Report Uncovers What Matters Most to Business Travelers in 2022 

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In recent years, companies have been focused on helping their travel programs survive in the face of global upheaval. Just get through today, next week, next quarter…and the cycle repeated.  

And then things shifted – now, there is less of a focus on simply staying afloat, and instead, companies are approaching business travel with, dare we say, hope. And this isn’t just conjecture – in late 2021, FCM surveyed 175 respondents from 26 countries around the world, and 63% of them agreed that new and better things await business travel in 2022. 

These key insights will be critical to helping organizations around the globe refine their corporate travel programs to become focused on what matters most…their travelers. 

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Why should businesses become more ‘traveler-centric’? 

The best travel programs take into consideration the “boots-on-the-ground.” Your business travelers are the ones taking to the skies to complete critical tasks for your company, so their safety should always been top of mind. 73% of respondents said that duty of care is their foremost concern for 2022, while 46% said that safety was top priority. 49% also indicated that they only wanted to undertake essential business travel. With all these things considered, the signs are clear: create a travel program that focuses on traveler wellbeing, and success will follow. 

Download the FCM Traveler Sentiment Report today to learn business travelers’ opinions on:

  • Their overall appetite for business travel

  • COVID-19 vaccination requirements 

  • Top concerns, including duty of care, approvals, expenses, and more

  • Travel cost predictions

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