Unlock the visibility to your data

There is no point having copious amounts of data if you can’t check it continuously and whenever the need arises.

Ensuring you have access to consistent and accurate data is key and something we can offer you in real-time. That is what we mean when we talk about our next-generation data platform. 

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By ensuring we receive all of your data from multiple sources in a timely manner, we allow you to take control of it to minimize issues or misreporting and amplify solutions and ways forward. 

Our intelligent data platform allows customers in countries across the world to continuously load data, whether that is daily, weekly, monthly – or even quicker. 

This means that if any part of your data is not accurate, not captured properly or is inconsistent in any way, it will be spotted and errors can be dealt with in real-time as quickly as possible. 

It represents a massive leap forward to have visibility of any issues in real-time in order to resolve them for minimal impact on your business. 

Our offer of real-time data also means our customers will be able to see different pieces of information in any specific format that they choose.

There is no off-the-shelf solution.

Instead each of our customers can set their own rules to define and display data in an accurate way that they really care about and in a way that will ultimately prove most-useful to you. 

It is this visibility and transparency that will drive vast improvements in your business travel program.

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“The quality of your data is important when evaluating goals you have set. If the data isn’t tagged properly, you will not properly be able to correlate it.” 

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