Taking the guesswork out of travel resumption


With the multitude of new factors to navigate, resuming your business travel program post COVID-19 can seem like a daunting process. 

FCM’s recent State of the Market survey revealed that business travelers will look to their employer for reassurance, with 88% saying their organization deeming it safe to travel would be a key trigger to traveling again. 

With the pressure on to get this process right, FCM would like to ensure that you have the insights, tools and frameworks needed to empower confident action. 

Key takeaways:
  • Insights from FCM’s global State of the Market Survey including the key triggers for travel resumption

  • The actions that need to be taken within the primary categories of your program before travel can resume

  • Learnings from global leader Discovery Inc. on their resumption process

  • How to restore traveler confidence through the right information and tools