White Paper: A New Approach to TMC Selection


A New Approach to TMC Selection

Defining the essentials of a modern travel program

Finding the right travel management company (TMC) for your business can be tough. Finding the right travel management company during a global pandemic? Now that’s a challenge.

So, to help alleviative the stress of navigating the RFP process, FCM has compiled five critical steps you’ll want to keep in mind when going out to bid for your next travel management provider. These steps derive from our research, as well as our first-hand learnings, and are designed to bring you one step closer to finding the TMC that fits your needs for the years ahead.

In this whitepaper you'll learn:

  • How to identify the signs that it's time to go to market
  • The essential steps needed to lay the groundwork for your RFP
  • What to question in order to prepare your program for the post-COVID landscape
  • Tips to building a killer RFP

Download a full copy of the whitepaper below

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