Ready to reveal your travel program’s value?

This is the guide for you.

Corporate travel is undergoing a significant transformation.

Why does that matter?

Because proving the value of your travel program is more crucial than ever. Stakeholders often view business travel as just another expense, but you know it's much more.

How do you evolve?

In a world where every booking must prove its worth, we’ve designed an essential guide to help travel managers like you showcase the undeniable value of your travel program – and the key may lie within your corporate travel technology.

What is the ROI of business travel?

There's no magic formula for proving your travel program's value. To get to the nitty-gritty, you need to piece data together from across your entire program’s operations. Don't focus solely on savings; look for abstract value elsewhere. While much of this data can be found in your travel platforms, some may need to be tracked independently or cross-referenced with reports from other departments.

To demystify your ROI, you’ll need to take a different approach:

  • Learn how actionable insights, powered by technology, can prove the value of your travel program
  • Embrace innovative ways to ensure employee retention, such as reducing red-eye flights, managing trip lengths, and minimizing business trip stressors
  • Implement data-driven strategies for managing costs and measuring productivity, like travel-to-revenue correlations and comparing in-person vs. remote efficiency
  • Prioritize traveler well-being by tracking your travel sentiment score and simulating policy adjustments before implementation
  • Make good on your sustainability goals with practical data points by analyzing CO2 by segment and creating just-in-time communications

Practical actions to prove the value of your travel program

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Navigating business travel variables

No matter how well you figure out your reporting, there are many things in the world of corporate travel that sit outside of your control. Part of proving your program's value involves adeptly managing these variables to minimize disruptions for travelers and your bottom line.

To ensure your ROI for today and tomorrow, you’ll need to learn:

  • How to adapt to industry changes, such as New Distribution Capability (NDC), rising airfare prices, and shifting travel needs
  • When to conduct a full supplier review and make data-driven adjustments to your travel policy to make sure you’re getting the most out of your partnerships
  • How to establish clear objectives to defend the value of your travel program to key stakeholders by defining your why

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