Introducing Notify from Shep

Shep Provides Emergency Coronavirus Notifications to Corporate Travel Programs

Shep Provides Emergency Coronavirus Notifications to Corporate Travel Programs

Corporate travel startup, Shep, is helping address the Coronavirus (COVID-19) challenge by giving their emergency notification service away for free. The startup's browser extension is typically used to capture corporate travel data and pop up policy notifications on top of consumer travel sites. Now, companies can use Shep to deliver the latest health and safety messages, informing business travelers about their company’s travel restrictions across more than 1,000 different booking sites, from Concur to Airbnb, Expedia, Delta, and more.

Shep’s travel notifications can provide health alerts, travel advisories and even links out to external resources like the Center for Disease Control's (CDC) frequently asked Coronavirus questions or a company’s own COVID-19 resource page. 

Travel Alert: No Travel to China

Shep has partnered with FCM, to support the rollout of this emergency notification technology to companies of all sizes for free. “Since investing in us early this year, FCM has been a great partner and have proven invaluable in helping us think through how best to customize Shep for corporate clients,” said Shep CEO, Daniel Senyard.

“In this challenging time, we need to work together to support all travelers,” said John Morhous, Chief Experience Officer at FCM parent company, Flight Centre Travel Group. “We’re happy to support rolling-out Shep for free to all companies, no matter which TMC they use,” he continued.

Shep is currently available on the Chrome app store without charge and can be installed by individual employees in the USA. Travel managers can reach out to the Shep team at to help upload employees and customize travel notifications.

How Shep works

  1. Download and install the Google Chrome extension onto your computer
  2. Once installed, select "Login with FCM" and register your email (you have to be a current client of FCM to do this step)
  3. Once installed, when you visit any website to book travel (Air Canada, WestJet, AirBnB) you'll see notifications pop up
  4. Use those notifications to keep up to date on the latest
  5. Businesses can use multiple messages on various sites (for example, businesses that have a no-fly policy to China can arrange for a notification to be delivered if anyone searches for Chinese airports on an airline website).
Not all business travel is booked where it should be

About Shep

Founded in 2016, Shep is an award-winning travel data, communication and digital adoption platform (DAP) that helps enterprises manage and measure travel behavior both inside corporate booking environments, like Concur, as well as on consumer travel sites, like Expedia and AirBnb.

Shep uses browser extension technology to overlay messaging and user interaction elements on top of corporate and consumer travel sites. Shep also collects cross-site booking and behavioral data so that travel managers and travel management companies can understand what, where, and why employees are choosing to book their business travel.