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The power of travel data

Our reporting and analytics tool helps you interpret and translate your data into savings, improvements, and travel-wide benefits.

We offer a large suite of pre-defined reports that capture detailed overviews of your travel activity, reservations and financial expenditure, while also allowing you to build your own custom reports and dashboards.

Our consistent quality control process worldwide provides integrity and accuracy in your reporting, regardless of the country where travel was booked.

Experience a new level of reporting that helps ensure your program is working its hardest for you.

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Introducing AI Powered Reporting

Acting as a search engine, AI Powered Reporting helps turn analytics into action. With its ability to generate custom reports, you can ask the specific questions you need answers to (i.e. What is my cost per mile? What is my hotel spend variance year-over-year?). And not only are your reports customized, but visual — making it even easier to interpret and understand the information in front of you.

No more waiting days for a custom report either; AI Reporting gives you the answers you’re looking for immediately. This is a huge advantage for those looking for full visibility into their travel program, but not having the bandwidth to learn how to navigate complex reporting tools.

We make all of that easy with FCM’s AI Powered Reporting.

From identifying savings opportunities, to informing your sourcing strategies, to finding the statistics you need to quickly respond to a critical incident — AI Reporting delivers your travel data, your way.

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No matter the circumstances, FCM has your back. We’ll work with you to develop strategies that help mitigate travel risk, keeping you flexible and agile to an evolving travel climate.

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