Th!nk 2022: Setting the Scene

Th!nk 2022: Setting the Scene

An event unlike any you’ve ever experienced before

Are you a procurement expert? A road warrior? Or are you simply interested in current corporate travel trends and (perceived) taboos? FCM has just the event for you: Th!nk 2022. 


Out-of-the-box. Innovative. Different.

Th!nk will do exactly what its name describes: it will make you think about new ways of tackling common (and not-so-common) corporate travel questions and conundrums and explore them from innovative perspectives. Designed alongside the brilliant minds at GBTA, we’re breaking the boundaries and asking the questions corporate travel professionals are afraid to ask. Usually, this is called thought leadership…we’re calling it thought disruption.

For over 24 hours, we’ll be discussing key innovative topics in traveler wellness, sustainability, technology, and future-proofing. Expect nothing less than for Th!nk to challenge the norm and disrupt the current corporate travel mindset. Better still: the event won’t shy away from anything controversial. With pioneering and expert speakers, Th!nk will explore the world beyond the 'now'.


We’ll talk innovation, tech, and future thinking.

Th!nk will explore the corporate travel innovations, behavior changes, and tech that we’re already living with and still working through, anything from booking travel to sustainability initiatives and more.  Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll see at Th!nk: 

  • Metaverse 101: What This New Online Phenomenon Means for Corporate Travel - Still trying to wrap your head around the Metaverse, never mind what it means for corporate travel? You aren't alone. Joined by an expert from Meta, we'll break down what everyone is wondering: what is the Metaverse, what is its potential influence, and does this online community have the power to replace travel? 

  • 2022 State of the Corporate Travel Industry: A Data-Driven Deep Dive - We have so many questions about the current and future state of corporate travel. And while many of these conversations so far have been rooted in educated conjecture, it's about time we start adding legitimacy to these debates with one indisputable factor: data. In this interactive keynote, two leading corporate travel experts will discuss the good, the bad, and the compelling data trends that may just finally reveal the whole story. 

  • What is "Revenge Travel" and What Does It Mean for Corporate Travel? - Have you heard of "revenge travel?" This current phenomenon is sweeping the world in response to COVID-19 restrictions lifting. Travelers are eager to travel again, whether it be for business or leisure, and companies seem ready to oblige. But is there such a thing as a corporate travel overcorrection? Is it possible to swing too much in the other direction, and what do you need from your TMC to help you maintain equilibrium? 

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You’ll find both live and on-demand insight sessions.

From the moment you wake up on May 10, no matter your time zone, you’ll get access to a global online thought library called the Th!nk Tank. You’ll find on-demand insight sessions from around the world, right from your home office, couch, favorite vacation spot...wherever you are, we’ll be there! 

  • When: Tuesday May 10th, 2022 

  • Time: All Day! 

  • Where: Virtual on the Th!nk platform    

Are you ready to Th!nk?