Introducing FCM Travel 

When you’re searching for a new role, it’s natural to have questions about the companies you’re researching. We want to make your job search with FCM simple, so here are the most frequently asked questions we receive about FCM during the job search process.

What FCM does 


FCM is a travel management company, also know as a TMC. We manage corporate travel programs for some of the world’s largest companies including Toyota, Shell, Procter & Gamble, and Discovery Inc.

What does "managing a travel program" mean?

It means making business travel easy! We take a company’s travel requirements and manage everything that comes with it. Customers are set up with a technology platform to take care of flights, hotel, rail, and other travel bookings, but there’s always a travel expert only  a phone call or online chat away if they need additional support. Tech and support are customized to their specific needs as well. For example, if the client wants a limit on how much is spent per hotel night, we can build rules, or algorithms, into the FCM Platform to adhere to those requirements.

So, you’re like a travel agent? 

Yes, but there is a lot more to it! We book and support work trips like a travel agent, but there are many benefits that our corporate customers get from working with us; like reporting to help them manage costs, traveler tracking dashboards to help employees in a crisis, and a dedicated Account Manager to guide them through the big decisions, changes, and next steps that come with corporate travel management.

Life at FCM 

What's it like working at FCM? 

It varies depending on your role. Our Account Managers are always keeping clients up-to-date with the latest industry know-how, our Travel Agents go out of their way to assist those on the road, and our Product teams are working on designing best-in-class travel technology - not to mention all our various corporate support teams like marketing, sales, analysts, and more who are constantly ensuring people know who we are and that the business is running smoothly.

What does unite us is our passion for travel and our drive for amazing customer experiences! When people love what they do, they thrive, so we’re always striving to have a culture that’s second-to-none.

Are you only in North America? 

No, we are headquartered in Brisbane, Australia and have offices in over 100 countries staffed by 8,000 team members. Truly global! You'll have the opportunity to talk with (and possibly travel to) our employees and office locations around the world.

Wow, that’s big! 

Yup, we’re part of Flight Centre Travel Group, that works with businesses for corporate travel and books vacations for casual travelers. The range of our services means we have a strong understanding of what’s happening in the travel industry and solid relationships with suppliers, like airlines and hotel chains. This means we can always bring the best experience and deals to any customer. 

After the pandemic, I’m a little worried about working at a travel company. Is my job going to be secure? 

The pandemic was a tough time. Travel was hit hard. But we’re pleased to say that the worst is well and truly behind us. While the rest of the industry sits at 60% of pre-COVID bookings, we are already over 90%. So, it’s fair to say we’re outpacing competitors when it comes to recovery and there’s lots of optimism. A career at FCM is a safe and long-term choice.  

What kind of people are you looking for? 

Those from all walks of life! Are you a customer service aficionado? A travel industry veteran? A budding tech guru? A creative whiz kid? There’s a place for all of you in our team and we’re excited to have you in the business. FCM is growing quickly and people are desperate to travel, so we’re ready and raring to go.

What are the opportunities like in the company? 

They're the best! Our people are always first in line when it comes to new positions and we have a “promote within” atmosphere. You could start in customer service and end up as our Chief Technology Officer, or join our sales team and eventually head up the company. There really are lots of opportunities.   

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Meet the parents 

FCM is the flagship business division of ASX-listed Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) and celebrated its 40th birthday in 2022. This means you’ll not only learn from the expertise of those working within the FCM brand, but from across a group of thousands of travel pros.  

So don’t be alarmed when you visit our career site and see the FCTG logo! It's our parent company's career site that houses all the great roles at FCM.  

Explore our open roles and discover why we’re the alternative TMC.