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Running an optimized travel program requires meaningful change and constant communication in a managed way that engages your travelers. We utilize our experts to partner with you in planning, deploying, and reporting of creative initiatives that see genuine, long-lasting organizational change that is understood throughout your business. 

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FCM Consulting will take a deep dive analysis into your organization and stakeholder impacts, guiding you through a tailor-made strategy with custom content design, development, and creation. Using our proven framework, marketing expertise, and strategic insights, we’ll deploy a custom change management strategy with long-lasting effect.

“Whether it’s email, social media post, or otherwise, travelers hear a lot internally from your business already. And since you’re trying to talk to everyone from experienced executives to recent graduates, it’s not just one format that gets the message across.”

Eve Smith, Communication and Change Lead at FCM Consulting.

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Analyse your communication channels | Communications and Change Management

Analyze your communication channels

Our consultants will hold workshops to understand what your current communication channels are, what you want to achieve, and what key stakeholders are involved. You’ll get recommendations and an action plan to deploy a refreshed communication strategy that will clearly and engagingly deliver your messages and encourage the right action from across the business. 

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Reach your C-suite audience | Communications and Change Management

Reach your C-suite audience

You will collaborate with our consultants to ensure your C-suite travelers have the most relevant insight into the travel program. We’ll work on video clips, industry commentary from FCM Consulting’s quarterly trends reports, regional updates, and further analysis to provide the audience with the context of what’s happening in the travel industry. Your profile is raised in this process too, smoothing the way for future corporate travel program strategy and budget decisions.

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Enhance your onboarding comms plan | Communications and Change Management

Enhance your onboarding comms plan

Moving to a new TMC requires large-scale organizational change, which our consultants can assist with an enhanced onboarding plan. Custom to you, the actionable plan will be tailored to your company’s nuances, requirements, and structure, and include written, video, in-person, and virtual content. The result is a well-informed and engaged traveler community, who understand and appreciate the change.  

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Optimise strategy behind widespread communication | Communications and Change Management

Optimize strategy behind widespread communication

Once FCM is acquainted with your business, our consultants can continue to assist your long-term communication strategy. From promoting a new feature to your stakeholders, to any changes you may want to share; we’ll leverage your communication channels to ensure the message gets out there. Topics might include travel expenses, cost savings, pre-trip approval, or airport updates and paperwork. 

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FCM Consulting customer testimonials
When they’re going to book a trip, our travelers are remembering the information they read in the newsletter and are putting more consideration into their decisions and actions.

Nichola Rimmer, JTI  

FCM Consulting Insights

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Be SMART with a goals-oriented change plan

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5 risks of change management failure

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Customer Success Stories

Case study: Communicating travel intel with JTI’s stakeholders

Communicating travel intel with JTI’s stakeholders

JTI went through a transformative few years in the travel space. The team turned to FCM Consulting to suggest a communication method that would allow them to share information and updates, and ultimately shine a light on the strategic side of travel procurement.

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