Corporate travel, managed your way




Do you find yourself with a travel manager or department that can benefit from subject matter expertise?

While travel may not be back to pre-COVID levels, it is certainly rebounding. If your travel manager or department is in need of additional support and guidance, FCM Consulting can help. Working with our team means getting the brains of several subject matter experts for a fraction of the price of hiring those experts internally on a full-time basis.

Program Manager, Brittany Taylor, walks us through how FCM Consulting can help save your business time, money and resource by delivering the level of expertise needed for your specific volume of travel and area(s) of support you’re most interested in.

We’re making it easy for clients to manage their current volume of business travel.

Check out this case study from one of our medical technology clients who utilized FCM Consulting to implement an OTR mentor, helping provide expert support in first-time consolidation while also reducing program costs.

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