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As the corporate world races to reduce its carbon footprint, it can be hard to keep up. FCM Consulting’s market insights, data analysis, and customized solutions can be embedded into your travel program to maximize your sustainable travel strategy and drive positive change.


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Sustainable Policy Changes

From carbon offsets to sustainable policy changes, we know which changes can be made most effectively without negatively impacting your business overall. Be a force for good and get ready for a comprehensive approach to sustainable business travel – starting with your travel program.

"More organizations are looking to travel more sustainably. But many companies don’t have the tools to calculate their emissions or visualize how they stack up against wider targets.”

Glenn Thorsen, Global Sustainability Lead at FCM Consulting. 

FCM Consulting joins forces with CAPA - Centre for Aviation (CAPA)

Exclusive offer: Receive your own airline sustainability scorecard

Learn how your air travel program and preferred airlines score on various sustainability metrics. FCM Consulting is offering the opportunity for you to receive your company’s own airline sustainability scorecard and 1-2-1 time with Sustainability Lead Glenn Thorsen.

This exclusive offer comes following FCM Consulting’s partnership with CAPA – Centre for Aviation, which pairs the team’s unique methodology with the CAPA Envest Global Sustainability Benchmarking Report.

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Measure your full emissions impact | Sustainable Travel Consulting

Measure your full emissions impact


We’ll take a deep dive into your company’s travel CO2 emissions and provide a clear breakdown of your output, using dynamic visualization tools. Once you’ve got the full picture of your emissions, we’ll see how they measure up against your organization’s sustainability goals, using real-time interactive reporting. 

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Lead the way with transformative strategies | Sustainable Travel Consulting

Lead the way with transformative strategies


Changing your team’s habits for the better can be challenging. Our consultants will provide you with educational content, workshops, and analytics to encourage positive eco-friendly travel behavior within your team and emission reductions in line with your organization’s climate targets. FCM’s strategic recommendations are always borne out of real-life data and implemented according to your unique needs. 

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Take your travel policy to the next level | Sustainable Travel Consulting

Take your travel policy to the next level


Even the smallest changes to your travel policy can make a big difference – like adjusting your business class policy or promoting direct flights. We’ll use data modeling to visualize the impact these changes could make on your emissions and provide the tools to encourage stronger policy compliance to responsible travel.

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Lower your impact on the planet | Sustainable Travel Consulting

Lower your impact on the planet


Once we’ve located where your emissions are coming from, we can provide solutions to effectively reduce them. From offsetting to engineered carbon emissions removal, FCM has access to over 100 carbon mitigation projects that can affect real change beyond your business. Educational tools can also help to give your travelers a clear understanding of their impact and inform better decision-making when booking. 

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FCM Consulting customer testimonials

"FCM Consulting played a vital role in establishing our strategy, policies, and overall management of our program – I couldn’t have done it without them."

Procurement Manager, Technology & Distribution Company

FCM Consulting Insights

Glenn Thorsen, Global Sustainability Lead at FCM Consulting

How to avoid carbon tunnel vision

FCM Consulting’s Global Sustainability Lead breaks down Sustainable Travel 3.0 – the new era for the corporate travel sector. With an emphasis on metrics, insights, and technology, Glenn discusses the move away from carbon-only metrics to get a more holistic view of the travel ecosystem.

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Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) explained

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) explained

SAF is claimed to be one of the most important tools for decarbonization of the aviation industry. But swapping fossil fuels for renewable energy comes with its challenges, and where do travel companies like TMCs fit in? Discover more about SAF.


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Lead the way with transformative strategies | Sustainable Travel Consulting

In the News: Glenn in Skift Megatrends 2023

One trend in Skift's Megatrends report was how the travel industry will put more action than words behind its green travel initiatives in 2023. Continuing the discussion about moving past carbon metrics, FCM Consulting’s Glenn Thorsen shares his thoughts in the article.


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White paper: The heat is on for travel to be more sustainable

White paper: The heat is on for travel to be more sustainable

FCM Consulting has seen a significant jump in clients analyzing their business travel supply chain for ESG purposes. Download this whitepaper to discover what a carbon lens looks like for industries and travel spend. Learn what an ESG-focused travel program looks like, get tips on optimizing your supply chain, and see how to adapt your online booking tools.

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