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Who has the time to trawl through and compare endless airfares, hotel rates, and transport deals? We do!

MarketPlace gives you unlimited access to our virtual world of travel content.

From the latest in NDC and specially-negotiated airfares, aggregated and unique hotel content, to the exclusives in ground transport, rail, and ancillaries – we’ve got it all.

Our world leading NDC program is already connecting our customers to the latest in air travel content, and as we see this continuing around the globe, you can be sure FCM has seamlessly integrated NDC now and into the future.

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What makes MarketPlace different?

MarketPlace is all about our greatest asset: our people. It’s our travel experts that bring all this valuable content to life, putting you front and center in an online world of travel choice.

Whether you’re booking flights, managing company-wide travel, or are hitting the road yourself, MarketPlace gives you exclusive access to all the travel content you need in one place.

A database of globally negotiated fares are at your fingertips and all brought to you through any device or channel you wish to book.

Searching, booking, and paying has never been easier.

Let us handle the negotiations

Let us handle the negotiations

Our travel content team is our pride and joy. With one of the largest teams in the industry, every one of our powerhouse content creators has at least 10 years of travel experience under their belt. All this brain power is being put to one purpose: Giving your people the best experience possible.

That means improving your bottom line, making booking, paying, and searching easier, and giving you the content you need to make travel improvements across the board. For more savings and happier travellers, let us get to know your business and negotiate on your behalf.

More choice than you’ll know what to do with

More choice than you’ll know what to do with

Gain access to a worldwide network of airfares, hotels, car rentals, and rail. MarketPlace delivers on all fronts. Whether you need Wi-Fi at your hotel or complimentary breakfast, choose from a wide range of suppliers that have exactly what you need.

You don’t just need the right flight or hotel. You need travel flexibility, with the option to extend trips, schedule last-minute detours, and cancel journeys at a moment’s notice. We offer hundreds of integrated, flexible options that give you the widest choice with room to adapt.

Unlimited access to never-ending content

Unlimited access to never-ending content.

This isn’t a one-time thing. MarketPlace gives you unlimited access to great content, from anywhere in the world. 500+ travel experts are constantly checking and monitoring fares across the globe to give you the most updated deals on the market.

Our NDC team is leading the way in future distribution, improving the ways you can access content. Make the most of our constantly evolving options, putting you at the forefront of new information.

Get unlimited access to our world of travel content. Talk to us today.

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