Global travel, global care

Every day, we take hundreds of people around the world – a privilege we take to heart. It’s our corporate responsibility to make sure cultures and environments in every region thrive.

For every mile you travel and every destination you visit, we use that reach to build up communities and break down social injustices.

Being a contributing member of the U.N. Global Compact, we are part of a United Nations initiative that encourages businesses worldwide to care that little bit more. With a focus on human rights, labour, environment and corruption, we work to make sustainable and socially responsible policies the norm.

Let’s make an impact on a global scale.

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+1.5C by 2040

The heat is on the corporate travel sector to be more sustainable.

But what does that mean for company travel programs? And how can organisations align their travel programs more closely with their wider business objectives for Environment, Social and Governance?

In our latest report, FCM Consulting provides a big picture view of how sustainability is shaping the travel programs of the future.

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When natural disasters or emergencies occur, we do what we can to help, because the world is a little brighter when we all do our part to help make it shine.

Our company CSR activities making a difference

Since 2008 the Flight Centre Foundation has been harnessing the power and generosity of its people to help local and global communities that need a bit of love and support. The Foundation is the corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm of FCM’s parent company the Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG). It was created after company-wide conversations asking what the collective contribution from the company and its employees would look like, if every business within the group and every person who had a desire to ‘help others’ was consolidated.

Since inception, the Foundation has donated over $20 million globally ($15 million in Australia) to communities, community groups, individuals and charity organisations. The funds come primarily from our people’s donations through workplace giving, matched dollar for dollar by FCTG.

The Foundation’s work and journey during the past 15 years is littered with amazing moments of generosity and innovative CSR activities. And now the organisation has named four new not-for-profit partners as part of a new two-year plan. See who our new NFP partners are.

Doing our bit

Doing our bit one flight at a time

There’s no getting around it – travel uses up energy. Lots of energy. With our global teams flying across the world and back, we had to find a way to counteract all that energy use and pay it back to the environment.

Enter our specially developed FCM Carbon Footprint Calculator. This bad boy doesn’t just tally up averages and spit out an estimate. It takes reporting to a whole new level of accuracy, taking in data from specific routes, airlines, and individual greenhouse gasses. With all this info we’re able to completely offset our carbon emissions from staff travel, with our cost per tonne to offset working out at just $3.30 USD - the lowest on the market.

We consider it our corporate social responsibility to share the planet-saving love. Let’s work together to offset your business travel emissions and create cleaner travel for a cleaner business.


Think Greener. Travel Greener.

Take your travel program to the next level of sustainability with innovative technology that makes travelling green easy, for your travellers and your business. By 'easy' we mean tech that does the thinking and the work for you.

FCM's online booking tool has integrated functionality that automatically calculates and offsets your carbon emissions.  

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Reconciliation Action Plan

Our commitment to Australia’s First Nations People.


FCTG is proud to be finalising our wide-ranging Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) which focuses on developing:

  • Stronger internal and external relationships.
  • Awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander traditions, culture and history.
  • Enhanced governance and tracking processes to monitor progress.
  • Partnerships with Indigenous suppliers and education/employment organisations.



Caring for the people who care for you

Change starts within, which is why we’re constantly pushing to improve the welfare and wellbeing of our people. This starts with proudly supporting diversity and equal opportunities within our own teams.

One initiative we’re particularly proud of is WomenWise. Our senior female leaders banded together to showcase opportunity, provide role-models, and offer support in an effort to create gender balance within our leadership teams.

From our Healthwise programme focused on keeping our people mentally and physically healthy, to our Brightness of Future Initiative which ensures there is a roadmap to progression for all our employees, we are forever innovating and pushing forward to give our people better opportunities, in both work and life.

Be it energy-efficient sensor lighting, waste reduction, or donating our old computers and mobiles to charities for reuse, we’re always on the lookout for a way to make our offices greener.


Greener journeys

FCM Travel is actively committed to addressing our corporate footprint by seeking out ‘green’ initiatives to reduce waste, emissions and energy consumption. At the same time, we look to partner with suppliers that share our values in these key areas, supporting a brighter future for all.

This love for the environment has followed our team back to the office. Be it energy-efficient sensor lighting, waste reduction, or donating our old computers and mobiles to charities for reuse, we’re always on the lookout for a way to make our offices greener.


Let’s light up some futures

Did you know that around 18% of humans have no electricity? That’s 1.4 billion people living in the dark.

Let’s change that.

SolarBuddy is a mission near and dear to our hearts. The concept is simple: solar lights for those who need them. This simple idea has grown, giving new opportunities to six million children who used to live in darkness.

With more light, kids in lightless communities can spend more time studying, learning, and expanding their opportunities. SolarBuddy lights replace toxic lamps and smoky fires, not only improving education but also overall health, the environment, and the family budget.

The best part? You can be a part of it! Find out more about how you can make a change with the flick of a switch.

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