Ideas Exchange is a small-format immersive event tackling major topics.

Big ideas. Great minds. Meaningful conversations.

This event is designed to challenge, excite, engage, and inform guests on relevant, significant topics relating to our industry. Featuring passionate speakers and robust discussions, this is a rare opportunity to experience a truly creative and unique event. By attending an Ideas Exchange event, you will be part of our commitment to ESG and to a more sustainable future.

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Is ESG on your agenda?

The second Ideas Exchange hosted by FCM Meetings & Events in Melbourne.

This sustainably focused evening, curated by the FCM Meetings and Events team, captivated our clients by providing an intriguing and exciting agenda. Guests were divided into small groups and moved from topic to topic using a series of clues.  Each pitstop was welcoming, involved interactivity and discussion, complete with subject matter expert to assist the deep diving into current ESG themes. The guests walked away with a collection of sustainable gifts, some self-made on the evening, and conversation starters and knowledge to take back to their organisations.

Oh what a night...

FCM Meetings and Events want to highlight the issues that are important to us, our customers, our industry, and our future. As the world evolves, we encourage our peers to be part of the conversation and to educate and enlighten themselves about how we can progress in the best way possible. This includes hearing from industry professionals, thought-leaders and the team at FCM Meetings and Events. The Ideas Exchange evening provided the perfect environment to explore these ideas, and we are thrilled to show you a recap of the event...

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A private rendezvous sparks big ideas.

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Meet the experts

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Neil Pharaoh

Neil is the founding Director of Tanck, a social purpose consulting firm, with a wealth of experience in community engagement, building advocacy, public policy, and government relations. Neil is also the Chair of the Climate Action Network Australia, a Non-Executive Director of Sustainability Victoria and Thorne Harbour Health and lectures in leadership at NIDA, UNSW.
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Felicity Burke

Felicity is the Head of Consulting APAC for FCM Consulting, being a pivotal member and leader of their global team. Felicity is highly experienced in analysing business models, travel programs and company cultures. Thriving on listening to challenges and questioning the status quo, Felicity delivers on savings and business growth for clients.
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Michelle Degenhardt

Michelle is the Flight Centre Travel Group’s Global Sustainability Officer, ensuring the company’s business practices are economically, environmentally and socially sustainable. Michelle has been involved in several sustainability-related areas, including the development of the company’s Responsible Travel charter and recycling and waste reduction program.
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Jordan Monkhouse

Jordan is the Director of Culinary and Executive Chef at the Hyatt Centric Melbourne. With his love of good food being founded in childhood thanks to his mother Fiona’s signature meals, Jordan began a cooking apprenticeship at fourteen. “Over the next 3 years, I would be taught my trade, taught how to cook, how to organise and how to love what I do.”

Hear from the experts...

With ESG being the focus of FCM Meetings & Events’ Ideas Exchange 2.0, expert commentator Neil Pharaoh looked at why Australia is behind the rest of the world – and why the ‘S’ in ESG is seeing more and more consumers vote with their dollars. As socially responsible customers and investors drive change, Neil explains why businesses need to listen.
You know that business travel has been far from normal for the last couple of years, but do you know when circumstances will change? With unprecedented global conditions, airfare unpredictability and skyrocketing hotel demand, business travel managers are struggling to plan and budget for the year ahead. At the recent Ideas Exchange 2.0 event, the audience was keen to hear the latest on travel trends and useful insights on what to expect in 2023 from Felicity Burke, Asia Pacific General Manager for FCM Consulting.

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There's something in the air - sustainability. 

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Sources of our sustainable gifts

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Little Veggie Patch Co

The Little Veggie Patch Co is a business dedicated to helping people grow food and they believe it is something that everyone can do, regardless of your skill set or space at your disposal.
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Cream Collective

Cream Collective is an Australian brand who supplies customised aprons. These cool and comfortable aprons are ethically made in Australia, from certified organic cotton.
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Social Dot

Removing the need for traditional paper business cards, Social Dot enables you to connect and share your contact details, social media and specific links with a tap, instantly!
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Chef’s Hat

Chef’s Hat is the largest family-owned and operated hospitality supplier in Australia, stocking the most comprehensive range of hospitality equipment from world-renowned brands.
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Check out the shots from our most recent Ideas Exchange event! 

From the sustainable dining experience, to the in-depth conversations, and the cocktail making session, there were plenty of captivating moments throughout the evening!

Hear from guests, the panel of experts and FCM Meetings and Events leaders about their Ideas Exchange experience.

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